Jisha Bhattacharjee | Mar 14, 2016

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The campus engulfed in the glitter of fairy lights, with students from variegated countries enjoying the ambience of the “Global Village”, Nitians busy discussing about different events as well as the unconventional “Star Wars” theme, altogether said out loud that “in a galaxy far, far away, the force has awakened”. Thus, the International Students’ Meet 2k16 had finally begun!

The inaugural ceremony took place in BBA on 11th March and started at around 6.30 pm. The event began with the traditional lightning of the lamp by all the dignitaries and the chief guest Padmashree awardee Pt. Vijay Ghate. A shloka recitation by the members of the Ritvic club accompanied the ceremony.

This was followed by an address to the crowd by Masihullah Alimy, the Chief Student Convenor for ISM 2k16, where he thanked all the convenors for their hard work and support to make ISM 2k16 possible, trailed by another address by Prof. V. K. Reddy (VP of FMS). He described ISM as “the Director’s most ambitious project” and thanked the representatives from diverse countries, namely Bhutan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Syria, Egypt etc., for their visit to the institute. After this Prof. B. B. Biswal (Dean of Faculty Welfare) and Prof. B. Majhi (Dean of Academics) made their respective addresses to the crowd.

Finally, it was time for the performance by Vijay Ghate and his troupe. The ensemble altogether had seven members, as listed below:

i)                   Pt. Vijay Ghate- Tabla

ii)                Shree Amar Oak- Fluet

iii)             Shree Nagesh Adgaonkar- Vocals

iv)              Abhineet Bhade- Drums

v)                Anay Gadgil- Keyboards

vi)              Sheetal Kolwalkar- Kathak

vii)           Shree Nilesh Yadav- Sound

The performance began with a Tabla and Kathak jugalbandi. The audience remained awestruck from the very beginning. Everyone was mesmerised by the dancer’s “Bhaona” (expressions) and the intricate footwork, as well as the expertise of the maestro on the tabla.

The section showcased the “Art of Improvisation”. It began with the most unexpected rendition of the popular Nokia Ringtone, and was followed by such interpretations of other Bollywood classics from various eras. Some of the songs to be presented were “Pehla nasha”, “Awara bhawre”, “Laal Ishq”, “Mera naam joker”, “Sangemarmar” etc. The audience seemed to be overjoyed as claps echoed through the interiors of BBA.

In the next section, the troupe presented melodious renditions of ragas from the genre of Indian classical music. Some of the popular originals to be presented were “Dhyana bhaag se seva ka avsar paaya” and “hamri atariya”. The troupe’s performance concluded again with a tabla-kathak jugalbandi. The performers received a standing ovation at the end, supplemented by loud cheers and claps from the spectators.

The team was felicitated by Prof. K. C. Pati (Dean of Student Welfare) and mementos, bouquets and jute bags were given. The decorations in BBA complemented the event. The troupe did justice to everyone’s expectations and left the audience longing for more.


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