Verbal Battleground: NITR PD 5

Verbal Battleground: NITR PD 5

Sujitha Jayaraj | Mar 16, 2016

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Clarion, the literary and debating club organized the Fifth edition of the NITR Parliamentary Debate. The last two editions of the NITR PD were held during Innovision. This year, due to the unavailability of the target audience during the dates of Innovision, the organising committee decided to hold the tournament during the International Students Meet ’16. Having organized this Asian 3-on-3 Parliamentary Debate for the fifth consecutive year, the tournament was a one of a kind experience.

This year, the X factor of the tournament was the stellar adjudication core which consisted of various stalwarts of the parliamentary debating circuit. The Core Adjudicators were Dibyojoti Mainak who is an alumnus of NLSIU, Bangalore, Nayan Banerjee and Rudrojit Ghosh of NLSIU and Chinmoy Dey, an alumnus of NITR. The tournament had a participation of 64 debaters and adjudicators. The tournament witnessed participants from IIT Kharagpur, NLU- Vizag, Chanakya National Law University Patna, SOA National Institute of Law, KIIT Technology, KIIT School of Law, NLSIU Bangalore among others.

There were initially 4 rounds of debating. The motions dealt with themes like economics, sex, gender, feminism and the classics. After the four rounds, the top four teams broke in to the semi-finals, which was held on Sunday.  Two teams from IIT Kharagpur, 1 team each from NLU-Vizag and CNLU Patna broke in to the semifinals. After a verbal battle with really close victories, the two teams from IIT Kharagpur emerged into the finals which took place at PPA. The motion for the finals was This House Rejects Indian Nationalism. The team IIT KGP-B which consisted of Vivek, Vikranth and Manav, who were the proposition in the debate won the tournament with 6 adjudicators giving them the debate in a seven member panel. The best Adjudicator of NITR PD5 was declared to be Sudarshana Basu from NLU-Vizag and the second best adjudicator was Shiksha Srivastava from CNLU. The best speaker of the tournament was declared to be Yashwanth Singh from CNLU.

The event had a poor turn up when compared to last year with minor delays between rounds but the organizing committee and the Core Adjudicators managed to pull off a good tournament in terms of hospitality, motions and the organization in general. The participants as well as the CAs appreciated the efforts of the organizing committee for doing a good job.


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