Seemadri Subhadarshini | Mar 17, 2016

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Film making and video editing workshop was organized during ISM 2K16 by Cinematics Club of NIT Rourkela from 12th-13th March. The venue for the above workshop was Prana Krushna Parija Auditorium. 35-40 students from various colleges like KIIT, Utkal University and NITRKL participated in the workshop. The underlying motive behind the workshop was to pass on the knowledge and thus facilitate the culture of Film Making and Video Editing among all. The workshop dealt with various arenas like Video Editing, Sound Designing, Motion Graphics, Screenplay, Direction and Cinematography.

On 12th March 2k16, the topics that were covered were overall scripting, screenplay, storyboard, direction and cinematography. On 13th march 2k16, video editing, sound designing, motion graphics and introduction to Premiere Pro, which is the industry standard software for video editing were taught.

The Coordinators for the workshop were Abodid Sahoo and Rites Bera. The content of the topics covered in the workshop were explained by Abhishek Kuthum, Abodid Sahoo and Rites Bera.

The club expects the institute to come forward and create a better platform for Film Making and Video Editing. Further, it also expects some help from the institute in terms of providing basic equipments required for after movie production.

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