Stand Together, Stand Strong: Paper Dance

Stand Together, Stand Strong: Paper Dance

Subhadarshini Mullick | Mar 17, 2016

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ISM always has packets of fun in its wrap for the NITR junta giving them the opportunity to be a part of around 50 events. Out of these, one of the most awaited and popular event is Paper Dance. Paper Dance was held at 5pm in SAC on both 12th and 13th of March. In this event, teams of two compete based on the compatibility and balance between the team members.

As the name suggests, Paper Dance is an event where pairs have to dance on a sheet of paper without touching any part of the body outside the boundaries of the sheet. It gets more and more interesting when the endurance of the pairs is put to test by folding the sheet of paper into half in every round till one pair proves to be the best in it. The simple concept of the event is the team which can endure the difficult and diminishing sheet till the end, wins the game.

The registrations reached 40. On 12th of March 10 teams participated and the winning team was the team of Pawan and Ragsukun from NITR. On 13th of March 30 teams participated in batches of two and the winning teams in each batch were the team of Diptesh and Sameer and the team of Neha and Anisha, both the teams being from NITR.

The event witnessed a number of energetic and enthusiastic people putting up their best efforts. But it’s always the last one standing who takes away the limelight and stands out of the crowd.


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