The Tale of ISM 2016

The Tale of ISM 2016

Fests are times of enjoyment and entertainment that relieve one of the stress and monotony of everyday life. NIT Rourkela boasts of five such fests every year which allow the students to showcase their talents in various domains. The final and the most anticipated among these is the International Students’ Meet (ISM). ISM is unique in the sense that it has the elements of all the other fests – cultural, technical and sports and also allows for the interaction with foreign students from all over the world. ISM 2k16 was held from11th-13th of March.

Day 1

The sunny afternoon of the first day saw registration desks set up. At about 6:30 pm, almost an hour after the given time, the inaugural ceremony rolled out in BBA. With the lamp-lighting and various dignitaries address, the evening proceeded with the performance of Padmashree Vijay Ghate and his troupe. The ‘Art of Improvisation’ began with the unexpected rendition of the popular Nokia Ringtone which was followed by similar interpretations of various other Bollywood classics. The troupe was then felicitated by Prof K C Pati. The fifth edition NITR Parliamentary Debate, organized Clarion commenced on the first day of ISM ‘16. Round 1 was completed. The Third eye club of NIT Rourkela inaugurated its annual flagship event, VIVID, in Rajendra Mishra Hall which exhibited various mesmerizing snapshots by third eye members, professors and other students of NITR. It was a short affair lasting all of half an hour as Global Village followed. Starting at around 9:30 pm at the LA lawns with a good turnout, the event was an interaction session between the International visitors and the students. With that, the first day of ISM 2016 came to a close.

Day 2

The morning of the second day started with Scavenger Hunt and T20 Fever in LA, both of which had decent number of participants.

The afternoon saw the commencement of various events. The Genesis club organized Battlezone, a fun-event with general knowledge questions and interesting rounds which had an element of childhood nostalgia that engaged the 15 teams who came forward to take part in it. Shot Your Thought, organized by the Society of Food Engineers which had 10 teams making posters and presentations on various topics.

Voice of ISM was conducted in two rounds and had the contestants mesmerizing (and entertaining) the audience and the judges with their amazing singing skills. The 8 participants of the Solo Dance competition presented an array of diverse dance forms- from Indian classical dance forms to contemporary choreographies, from urban hip-hop to popping. The audience turn up was decent and the all the performances were well applauded. The Duet Dance competition was pushed back the next day due to lack of participation.

The first round of Paper Dance, held in SAC and saw a good turnout, but further rounds were postponed to the next day as the crowd was diverted to the Youth Speak Forum going on in BBA. The Logical Indian conducted the Youth Speak Forum as a platform to bring about awareness and for change, where several of the challenges faced by the the country were highlighted and the means by which one could bring about improvements were noted. Editing & Film Making Workshop started the first of its two day seminar in PPA with around 30 to 40 participants. A Web Designing Workshop was conducted by Shobhit Sharma, a 5th year student of Electrical Engineering and the CEO of Techpros, a NIT Rourkela startup. Boomerang Workshop, organized in LA by the Udaan Club saw around 10 participants.

Team Roadrunner had their car on display near the Metallurgical Building and took it for a spin around the campus for The Formula Car Walk Around. Permanent and temporary tattoos were being made as part of the Mela Events in front of BBA, which also played host to the Rangoli Making competition. Paintball, conducted in the NCC grounds received tumultuous crowds with a very positive response. The NITR PD continued its 2nd 3rd and 4th rounds in the seconds day of ISM. Catch the Cock, another fun game with the tagline ‘With the catching ends the pleasure of the chase’ had to be called off after the cock refused to run and be pursued. The Guest Lecturers and The Idea Awakens were also cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances.

Euphony Live, supposed to start at 6, started two hours late which subsequently led to Panache – The Fashion Parade being delayed and half of the Final Year Students’ walk being postponed to the next day. Even though the faculty allowed the event to be extended till 11pm, there was not sufficient time to accommodate the walk for all the branches.

Astro conducted a star gazing experience with Set to Rise 9.30pm onwards on the Main Building terrace. There were nearly 100 participants making the event a grand success.

Day 3

The final day of the fest was off to a slow start with many events like War of Bands, Life of pie etc being cancelled. Group dance show took the centre stage on the last day of the event. The unprecedented performance by the final year students was certainly an eye-candy for the ISM Junta and was a huge success as the crowds poured into BBA and cheered on every performance. Following this was a humorous and witty street play by the dramatics club of NIT Rourkela, Pantomime. Fun events like paintball and blind date attracted the most number of participants. The NITR PD continued with its semi-final and final rounds on the third and final day of ISM. Despite lesser turn-out compared to its previous edition, NITR PD was successful in terms of general organization and hospitality. However, Mr and Miss ISM, one of the flagship events which always have been one of the most crowd-alluring events proved to be a huge disappointment with no proper judge, meagre number of participants and no pre-arrangements. Taking place on a sly little corner along the chemical department, the open air competition, Acoustica, drew the majority of traffic walking across the academic area. The ISM attendees found themselves sitting on the pavements near the area, engrossed in the magical atmosphere. With the evening, the crowd gravitated towards DTS for the much awaited comedy show by The Viral Fever.

The final fest of the academic year which was supposed to be lively enough to endow the populace, especially the final years, a notable and memorable three days for a year, had mixed responses. Mismanagement, communication gap, shirking of responsibility by the convenors, cancellation and delay of most of the events were the major hiccups witnessed in this year’s ISM. Team MM calls for a better organization and management of the events and hopes to see better quality of fest in the coming future. 

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