Amruthavarshini Mahankali | Mar 17, 2016

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As the International Students meet proceeded to the second day, the bio-engineering club of NIT Rourkela, GENESYS, geared up to trigger the spirit of fun and enthusiasm in the participants. BATTLEZONE-THE STREET FIGHTERS, apt to its tagline - you risk it to win it, was a fun-event with shooting general knowledge questions and surprising rounds with an element of childhood nostalgia, which engaged the participants who came forward to take part in it at the Lecture Annexure.

The event, initially scheduled to start at 2pm was delayed for about half-a-hour due to slow inflow of participants. The participants, in teams of two, were put to test in the first round by providing them with a picture of medical instruments and high end equipment and asking them to guess the price of it. The teams which manage to guess the price within the marginal value were awarded with points. With a total number of 15 teams which participated, 10 of them paved their way to the second round amidst gripping excitement in the room.

The second round, which was the deciding round for the winners and runners-up, was the GAME PLAY, which resembled the snake and ladders game, with a slight twist of having checkpoints instead of ladders. The 15 flagged checkpoints had to be cleared by the teams in order to win the title. The game started while one member of each team faced questions of different genres, while the other member stood in the gaming zone and moved 5 steps ahead for every right answer and two steps backward for every wrong answer with the privileges of a life-line, helping them out in case they wished to skip a question or not to move back in case they gave a wrong answer. The checkpoints had a different set of questionnaire waiting, as each of the team crossed them.

The team which came out with flying colours as the winners of the event was the team of Reddy Vamsi and P.Raghudeep. The runners up were Diptarghya Santra and Siddharth Senapati followed by Anwesha Acharya and Ashutosh Yadav as the second runners-up.

The event concluded as the organizing committee and the members of GENESYS were applauded for their efforts and shared light moments, posing for the camera.

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