The Medal Tally: Inter-NIT at Surathkal

The Medal Tally: Inter-NIT at Surathkal

Shuvankar Mishra | Mar 28, 2016

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At the recently concluded inter-NIT tournaments for swimming and hockey, NITR ended its campaign with one podium finish and an early exit. In retrospect, the results carry cause for both celebration and introspection. Here is a brief report on the performances of the teams in the tournaments at Surathkal.


The swimming team consisted of six members – Shiba Prasad Sahoo ( Captain ) , Rajat Kumar Dalai, Sriram Madhav, Dipesh Soni, Amit Rajkonwar and Kulmani Mehar. In a tournament that saw participation by 40 athletes, the NITR team finished with a competent medal tally of 16. The team was ranked 2nd in the overall tournament and shared the podium with NIT Surathkal ( ranked 1st) , who have been the dominant team for the past few inter-NIT tournaments. Among the athletes who stood out, both Shiba Prasad Sahoo and Rajat Kumar Dalai won two individual silver medals each. Reflecting on the team’s performance, Shiba said. “I am happy with my team’s performance. This time we won 10 medals (16 including relay) compared to 1 bronze medal at the last year’s tournament. We had had sufficient practice before the tournament, thanks to the swimming club and Purnima Joshi (new SAS asst. and former IIM Indore swimming coach). Next time we can win the gold.”



The NITR hockey team was eliminated in the league stages after managing only one win at the group stages against NIT Pondicherry, with a scoreline of 2-0. The team lost its first two matchups to NIT Surathkal and NIT Trichy, who eventually went on to be the first and second ranked teams in the tournament. Though the team lasted for only three matches in the tournament, it saw quite a few noticeable performances – Nirakar Sahu, who scored the only two goals for the team showed flickers of brilliance in an otherwise disappointing campaign. Commenting on the team performance, Vedashu Dash, who captains the NITR hockey team said, “The team has a lot of potential and with proper training and practice, this team will surely win some medals in the coming years. Our performance was hindered by injuries – one of our best players, Ashish Topno suffered from cramps. The team consists of mainly sophomores and this was the first major national tournament they were participating in. In terms of learning and gaining experience, it was a success. I would like to thank Prof. Bibekananda Mallick(VP, Games and Sports Society) and Purnima Joshi for their support and encouragement.”

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