A Step Deeper Into Communications

A Step Deeper Into Communications

Punyaja Dash | Mar 28, 2016

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The Department of Electronics is rejoicing the completion of a new Anechoic chamber, which saw its inauguration on 25 February 2016.

The RF Anechoic Chamber, sized 4.8m×3.6m×3m, with a frequency range of 800MHz to 26GHz has been setup in Microwave and Antenna Design Laboratory. It is the first of its kind to be setup in the whole of Odisha. This initiative was undertaken by Prof S.K. Behera, with the support of Prof K.K. Mohapatra (H.O.D.).

The new chamber facilitates many advanced measuring techniques which measure parameters like Antenna Gain, Radiation Pattern, and Directivity. It hosts the facility required to measure Antennas like the Microstrip Patch Antenna, Dielectric Resonator Antenna (DRA), Microwave Filters, Dipole Antenna, and Horn Antenna.

Previously, NITR took the help of institutes like IITs, DRDO and ISRO for this purpose. The setting up of this chamber has taken NITR to the forefront in Antenna measurement, providing a new forum for research work.

While the Department is celebrating the successful opening of the RF Anechoic Chamber, it is also flaunting a high number of students attaining their Ph.D.

Three students working under the supervision and guidance of Prof S K Behera have presented their research papers in different IEEE conferences.

1.     Biswajit Dwivedy, a Ph.D. scholar presented a research paper titled “Design of a wideband equal power divider and multiple phase shifter for variable polarization”, in IEEE International Students’ conference on Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science, during March05-06, 2016 organized by MANIT Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

2.     Akshay Joshi, a final year student pursuing M.Tech. Dual degree(CSP) presented a research paper titled “Methods of moments analysis of circular loop linear array and circular loop circular array”, in IEEE International Students’ conference on Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science, during March 05-06, 2016 organized by MANIT Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

3.     Chandra Sekhar Panda in his final year in M.Tech.(CN) presented a research paper titled “Design and analysis of a compact substrate integrated waveguide band pass filter for Ku band applications”, in the 3rd International conference on Innovations in information embedded and communication systems (ICIIECS-2016), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu during March17-18, 2016.

This department was shifted to a new building not a long time ago. But the infrastructural developments that it has undergone and the pace at which it is upcoming is commendable. With active research work progressing, it is only a matter of time for it to be recognised nationally as a premium center for education in its field of study.  

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