Impeded Celebrity Night: Sunidhi Chauhan Still Awaited

Impeded Celebrity Night: Sunidhi Chauhan Still Awaited

Punyaja Dash Sanchari Dan | Mar 28, 2016

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On the vibrant evening of Tuesday, 22 March 2016, NITR was full of energy, awaiting a concert by Sunidhi Chauhan, the Diva of Bollywood music who is known for her peppy numbers and energetic performances. Much to our disappointment, the celebrity of the Celebrity Night couldn’t make it on time for the program. Many were on their way and many were already present at DTS, admiring the arrangements made for the stage, when the news of the cancellation was circulated. Her fans were disheartened and everyone had questions for SAC, doubting their organisational skills.

To clarify these doubts of the NITR Junta and to bring out what happened in reality that caused the cancellation, MM caught up with Prof. K.C. Pati, Dean Student Welfare on Saturday afternoon.

Sunidhi Chauhan had landed in Bhubaneswar at 12:50pm on the day of the event and was all set to fly to Rourkela in Air Odisha, along with our event manager Mr. Saroj and MLA of Rourkela, Dilip Rai. The flight was scheduled to take off at 3pm but owing to difficulties faced by Air Odisha it was delayed. The Air Strip of Rourkela does not permit landing in the dark as it is of high risk, due to which the flight was cancelled and she couldn’t grace the show. Her team of technicians and musicians who were already present in Rourkela had to leave as she had another commitment in Mumbai to fulfil. Thus the show could not be held in the evening of the following day, Wednesday, 23rd March, as proposed.

On being asked that, in the worst case scenario is there is a chance of the celebrity night being absolutely cancelled this year, Prof. Pati assured that, “Sunidhi Chauhan has said that she would love to visit NITR and the deal has been signed already, so absolute cancellation is not likely to happen.” The date has not been finalised yet, but suitable dates in April have been proposed for the event with maximum probability of it happening between 14th- 20th April, since the End-Semester Exams will commence from 22nd April.

Better late than never, NITR is eagerly looking forward to the Celebrity Night with their fingers crossed and hoping for an even grander one. MM urges SAC to finalize a date for the awaited evening as soon as possible, satisfying the anxious fans of Sunidhi Chauhan in NITR.

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