Essential Know-Hows of the Placement Process

Essential Know-Hows of the Placement Process

Shweta Das | Apr 04, 2016

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We all know how stressful and tiring it gets when the placement season begins, and companies start rolling in. In spite of the significant increase in the number of placements in the past few years, the fact that a large number of companies are still leaving empty-handed, without recruiting any students is something to dwell upon. To overcome this chain of failed recruitments, the Placement Committee of NIT Rourkela decided to start a two-fold training placement programme with the help of PC interns, to help elevate these numbers.

Final years who’ve already been placed in various companies take sessions in department classrooms, seminar halls or PPA. The programme is divided into two parts – the first part involving placement talks and the other concerning skill tests. Here, people tell their stories on how they prepared for their interviews and other rounds of selection. Questions raised by the students are answered, and the session is kept as detailed and interactive as possible. Students are urged to get their doubts cleared and to have a complete idea on how to get placed in their choice of companies. This helps the audience to go down line regarding the companies they want to aim for and what to expect in interviews, respectively.

The second part involves skill tests, where each branch is tested using online platforms to prepare them for coding and aptitude tests.

In this year, a total of 26 companies have gone back without recruiting a single student due to bad performance. The reason being that, unpreparedness from the side of the students’ leads to poor performance in interviews and written rounds, sending a bad message to the industry.

While comparing the cases of other premier institutes, the placement season in IIT Bombay begins as late as in December and hence, gives them a lot of time to prepare and crack those rounds. Whereas in NITs, the students come back from their internships in July, and from the first week of August itself, the good companies start visiting, leaving the students with no time to prepare for themselves.

It’s imperative for the students to have someone who could guide them into learning the essential skills that are essential for cracking the placement process and help them in deciding the companies they want to target. As of date, most branches have had 3-4 such sessions with the seniors, and they all were beneficial and have been well received well so far. And as far as the attendance is concerned, it would be an understatement to suggest that it hasn’t been motivating. The second years are also welcome to attend these sessions to get a head start in the entire process.

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