Retrospection and Preparation

Retrospection and Preparation

As the academic year comes to a close, the boarders of the Halls of the Residence face problems big and small. The Chief Warden, Prof R.K. Patel, is all ears to the problems to find a feasible solution. The work of the Hall Management Committee has improved in several aspects, but there is always scope for improvement.

MM: With the session is coming to an end, what procedure will be followed in allocating rooms for the coming session?

CW: First year students currently residing in GD Birla and MV Hall of Residences will be shifted to another hostel based on the lottery system. Boarders have submitted a form where they have mentioned a list of 6 students who want to reside in the same hostel and a tentative list of allotments will be prepared within the next ten days.

Second year students will not be asked to shift anywhere unless requested by the boarders themselves.

Third year students will be shifted to single rooms preferably in the same hostel if there are enough vacancies.

Factors like branch are taken into consideration while preparing the final list, so that each hostel has approximately equal number of students from all the branches so that one doesn’t feel isolated. The students will be notified once it is finalized.

MM: What will be the scenario in KMS Hall of residence? Will the second years be shifted to CVR?

CW: In KMS, the scenario is still unclear. The warden will have a discussion with the students and if required, some first year students will be shifted to CVR and the vacancies would go 50-50 to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

No second year will be asked to move to CVR unless they personally want to do so.

MM: What is the reason behind frequent power cuts in the past couple of days?

CW: The power cuts were due to some problem in the 33kV line. But it has been rectified now and there should not be any more power cuts. The backup supply is insufficient to cater to the needs of all the hostels at the same time so it is mostly operated in a cycle where each hostel experiences a blackout for certain duration depending on the duration of power cuts.

MM: It was decided to update mess bills monthly instead of once in a semester. But it has not been updated yet. Why is there a delay?

CW: Due to some other engagements I could not find time for this purpose but it is ready and will be uploaded within the 8th of March.

MM: It was previously said a person from your office would verify the status of all water coolers in the halls and report it to you, following which action would be taken. What is the status on that?

CW: Yes, it has been done last week. All the aqua guards, water-coolers and overhead tanks have been cleaned and the required repairs have been made and all are completely functional now. Problem is boarders do not report such issues of water-coolers not working or broken taps etc. which is why there is a delay in the repairing work. Therefore,

“I request all the boarders to report such issues as soon as you encounter it so that action can be taken immediately.”

MM: You said that fire-safety issue would be taken up and the problems in this regard would be looked into. What is the status on that?

CW: It has already been instructed to all wardens to test the fire-extinguishers already present in the Halls. In fact, last year in the month of August, some professionals had visited to demonstrate the working of fire-extinguishers but it is not feasible to call them frequently. However, in most of the hostels, the persons-in-charge are well versed with the operation of fire extinguishers. Currently, there is no issue with the fire safety.      

MM: How is preparation for the grand farewell panning out? Also what is the status of the video that is being made as a souvenir for the final years?

CW: Firstly, Grand farewell has been pre-poned to 10th April. Like every year, mementoes will be issued to all the final years by their respective Halls’ wardens.

Secondly, the idea behind making a farewell video was to give a token of memory for the final years for which students were asked to submit a photograph of a particular format. However, even after repeated reminders through webmail, we have received only 400 photographs in the mentioned format and 1000 more are yet to be received. Such response from the students is causing a delay in the farewell video preparation. The video will be prepared soon but those who do not submit the photographs in the desired format would obviously not be mentioned in the video.

MM: The laundry men claim that the current rates are not feasible for them. They want a hike in charges. In VS Hall, they are charging more than the prescribed rates. Please comment.

CW: The rates have been decided in the HMC meetings after a lot of discussion. If the laundry men are charging more than the prescribed amount, it has to be immediately brought to the notice of the respective Hall’s Warden so that action will be taken against those people.

MM: Most students do not know about the existence of Hall Webmail IDs. Can a test mail be sent to the boarders of the halls from the respective IDs so that they are made aware of this?

CW: I will ask all the wardens of the halls to send a mail regarding this to the boarders tomorrow itself.

MM: Is there any rule saying air-coolers are not allowed in the hostels?

CW: Using air-coolers is strictly prohibited. Thousands of students using air-coolers will increase the load exponentially and cause frequent power-cuts. Hence, to avoid such inconvenience, usage of air-cooler is strictly not allowed especially for the month of April.

“There will be difficulties. But as a student, you have to bear them.”

MM: Now that we have come to an end of the even semester, how do you think that the conditions of NITR have changed over the past year?

CW: I feel that the conditions of living have improved from what they were last year.

1.     Last year there were 20 reported instances of ragging and 80 in the year before that. There have been no such complaints this year.

2.     Zero cases of ISDC.

3.     Drastic decrease in the cases of theft of laptops. Even though there have been complaints of 2 laptops being stolen, it is much less compared to the previous year.

4.     Wall mounted dustbins have been installed in all the halls.

5.     Earlier the mess refunds were never made, but now I can proudly say that for this year, the refunds for authorised absence have already been made.

6.     Installation of air-coolers in the dining area.

7.     More frequent cleaning of water-coolers.

8.     Mechanisation of floor cleaning.

The problems faced by the boarders have reduced but there is always a scope for improvement.

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