Jisha Bhattacharjee | Apr 05, 2016

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This academic year especially seems to be whole heartedly favouring NIT Rourkela with grand victories in all realms! An instance of this was the victory of “The Falcons” in BITOTSAV 2k16, the annual cultural fest of BIT Mesra. The team consisted of members from both Synergy and Mavericks, the official dance clubs of NITR.

Bitotsav 2k16 started on 16th March and culminated on 20th March. The team participated in the Street Dance Battle event called “Stomp the Yard” which comes under Footloose, comprising of all the dance events. The event took place on 19th March. It consisted of two rounds. The first round was the “choreography round”. The participating teams were judged on the basis of creativity in the choreography, team coordination and perfection of execution. The crowd as well as the judges were delighted by their performance in the first round, and they went on to become the highest scoring team and moved on to the second round.

The second round was the “Battle round”. In this round, a random song plays on the spot and members of two opposing teams come forward, one or two at a time to showcase their skills and specific moves. Team Falcon battled the crew from St. Xavier’s college, Kolkata and mesmerised the audience with their creativity and eye-catching concepts inculcated in the choreography.

The team was declared as the winning ones and were awarded a cash prize of INR 20,000.

The inception of the Synergy- Mavericks collaboration took place quite some time back. The team has been participating in other street dance battle events throughout the year in various colleges. Finally their tremendous hard work paid off, and that too quite well. Team MM congratulates The Falcons and wishes for their success in their future endeavours.

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