Accolades All Around: FMS Review

Accolades All Around: FMS Review

Punyaja Dash Nargis Jahan | Apr 11, 2016

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In the rich and diverse cultural milieu that is the pride of our institution, it is but only natural that we witness a plethora of activities throughout the year.  Various societies and the clubs under them work in tandem to make sure not a week goes by without some event or the other. As this year draws to a close, it is time to analyse and introspect the months gone by. In this piece we focus on the Film and Music Society of NITR.

The finances:    

The Film and Music Society has eight clubs under its wing. Dance, music and photography are their focus areas and their clubs, being highly active throughout the year, make sure that NITR stays entertained. The performers not just delight us but take immense pleasure and derive wholesome satisfaction from being continuously engaged in creative pursuits. There is no dearth of talent or enthusiasm and to encourage their activities, an amount of INR 13 lakhs from the SAC budget of 2.3 crores is allotted annually. The clubs along with their budgets are mentioned below:

1. Mavericks- INR 75000

2. Synergy-INR 75000

3. Heartbeats-INR 65000

4. Euphony-INR 65000

5. Cinematics-INR 50000

6. Third Eye- INR 50000

7. Karamshala- INR 25000

8. Drill and Bass has not been allotted funds as it is a relatively new club and is expected to be active from the next semester.

The clubs are allotted these funds for their use in organising events in the various fests and to attend different competitions in various colleges like IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay etc. Many of the clubs have achieved stupendous results at the national level including leading our institute to be the overall champion at the Spring Fest this year. In case a surplus amount is found unused by the clubs, it goes into the Central Corpus Fund.

Apart from this an amount of INR three lakhs was allocated separately for the purchase of musical instruments for SAC. Vivid, organised by Third Eye, had received an amount of INR 95000. Rupees four lakhs were expended in the inaugural show of ISM and the dance workshop that was held in the beginning of the year by Anna Dimitratou and Sumon Rudra, used up INR 90,000. The movie screening of 4 movies namely- I am Kalam, Gravity, Inside Out and Life is Beautiful cost INR 6000 and the screening of the two cricket matches cost INR 2000 each.


FMS Grievances and Disappointments

The musical instruments have still not been purchased due to a conflict between the Director and the dealer. The Director has denied the advance payment to be made as it may prove to be a loss to the institute due to faulty dealings. The dealer is not ready to deal without the advance payment.

The Film Fest that has been under proposal for two years was expected to finally take place this year. The reason for it getting cancelled again was a severe shortage of funds with the added factor of us already having too many fests. No doubt such a turn of events was a huge disappointment for FMS. The secretaries complained of the elongated and unnecessary process that requires to be undertaken for even the smallest of proposals to be sanctioned in SAC.

They believe that FMS is a very active society of SAC as all the main attractions of every fest are events by clubs that are a part of FMS. The lack of their own fest has limited them from showcasing their true worth. They would also like to host competitions and various events under a fest that is solely dedicated to them. They are prepared with a host of innovative events and a plan of action has also been chalked out, but they have been held up for the past two years.

There was also a proposal for the screening of new movies in BBA by signing a contract with a private company named UFO which will give NITR the license to screen movies on the day following their release. The company’s sound and light arrangements will definitely be more professional and a minimal fee of INR 50 per head would be charged. The poll on MM on this issue gave a positive result of 59% whereas FMS expected a higher percentage. They consider that the poll question was ambiguous and led many to believe that old movies would henceforth be charged and hence the low response. This proposal has been on hold due to the Director not approving of this idea as taxes may be levied on NITR for this screening and he wishes to avoid any tax complications.

The proposal of charging the parents of the students belonging to Rourkela INR 5000 per family to be a part of Celebrity Night was not acceptable to the society but their say was over ruled. The FMS society is not answerable to NITR about anything related to Celebrity Night as it was totally the Dean’s initiative this time.


FMS 2015-16 Overview

The performances of almost all of their clubs were quite successful and they deserve commendation for making the institute proud numerous times. Early in the year, a feather was added to the hat of FMS in the form of the dance workshop hosted by Sumon Rudra and Anna Dimitratou bringing to NITR belly dance as an art form and contemporary dance infused with Kalaripayyattu. The turnout was unexpected and the event was a huge success. Both of the dance teams, Synergy and Mavericks, mesmerized us with beautiful performances throughout the year. Each time they have surpassed their limits to delight us in wondrous ways.

The Cinematics Club has through various impressive videos made its presence felt in the institute. They always come up with charming cinematography and highlight important issues with humble honesty. They scooped up all the top prizes at Spring Festivity Kharagpur in January this year.

The screening of the matches was highly popular events and the entire NITR was jam-packed into the BBA cheering for India. It was great to see such a big crowd in this age of digital spaces. FMS deserves praise for this wonderful initiative. Vivid was a hugely popular event in ISM 2016 and showcased the genuine creativity of Third Eye, who have been doing a great job.  Heartbeats organised the musical night Maktub during Nitrutsav which despite technical glitches manage to enrapture the crowd. Euphony, our rock band, performed in various fests throughout the year and their original compositions deserve high acclamation. Karamshaala and Drill n Bass are expected to become truly active next year onwards.

The entire FMS heartily appreciates their VP Mr Vamsi Krishna Reddy who has been highly cooperative in making the events throughout the year successful and has on every occasion taken the initiative to solve unexpected problems that would turn up in the worst of times.

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