Assimilating BeyonDuino: pLuGged_iN

Assimilating BeyonDuino: pLuGged_iN

Punyaja Dash | Apr 11, 2016

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The technical club of NITR pLuGged iN, aimed at invoking the interest in electronics of the students of NITR, has struck yet another chord by organising a two-day workshop cum training course on Embedded System Design using BeyonDuino in association with CEDT, NSIT, New Delhi. The workshop commenced at 9:00 am on 9th April 2016, in the room EE213 of the Electrical Department.

The session started with Prof. D.V. Gadre, Director of TI-CEPD, delivering a planetary talk, demonstrating various projects done by him and his students. The projects displayed involve:

  • Battery-less Electronic Dice and Battery-less Television Remote that worked on the principle of converting mechanical energy produced by shaking of the hand to electrical energy that will power the sensors.

  • Electronic Birthday Blowout Candles which consisted of LEDs that turned off when the sensor sensed a lower temperature on blowing.

  • LED Inauguration Lamp where the doer had to strike a match box consisting of magnets and light the Electronic matchstick. The matchstick was then taken to the short range LED lamps which sensed the lit matchstick. The act deceivingly imitated the natural ‘lighting of the lamp’ to a great extent.

  • RGB Colour Mixer and RGB LED Pen were two other projects which involved mixing of colour in steps and writing in air using the LED.

  • Electronic LED Spinning Top used the phenomenon of persistence of vision and gravity to their benefit to display a message using minimal LEDs

  • Tengu (an LED face that mimicked music), LED Hourglass, Multi-Lingual Talking Thermometer and Hearty (an LED interactive heart) were a few other well appreciated projects

  • Whatsapp Door Messaging System and Smart Egg Tray, were projects taken to the next level that used the cloud to get instant smart notifications

  • The session that resumed after lunch break comprised of a few interesting videos. The most applauded video was of the game Blaster, being played on the display of an oscilloscope.

    A lecture was given by the professor, backed by a power point presentation, which introduced the students to Embedded Systems.

    The students were distributed the BeyonDuino Makers’ Kit that was specially assembled and ready to use, designed for this workshop. The students were given hands on training on using the microcontrollers as well as were taught to make sketches using Arduino, guided by the assistants of Prof. Gadre.

    Day-2 started with a short talk by him, that also included multiplexing and its benefits, explaining to the students how an unimaginable number of LEDs can be powered by employing very few ICs.

    The hands-on training continued after the lunch break, advancing into more complex sketches. The students were enthusiastic on trying their own new operations and coming up with different impressive outputs.  

    Prof. Gadre believes that the aim of conducting such workshops is to help compensate for outdated course work and cover the implementation aspect of the technology that is taught to the students. It forms a bridge that mends the gaps between the study of course and development of skills, bringing out innovative products. He inspires and encourages his students to experiment more and develop their projects into products. He termed the two-day workshop to be just a trailer of the extensive scope in this field of learning.

    The club faced many difficulties in organising this workshop, the main hurdle being the budget constraint, but the workshop was very successful and showcased the effort put into its organisation. The club members had to bear approximately 10% of the expenses as well as had to face many obstacles in receiving permission for minor issues such as bringing in the snacks or letting in vehicles for the transport of the guests. The team had been planning this workshop since July 2015, working tirelessly to coordinate and make arrangements for this workshop to materialise. To the surprise of the club, which expected a turnout of 50 participants ultimately received 91 registrations with full attendance, of which 36 students were from NITR and the rest were from NIST Berhampur. The team felt specifically grateful towards Prof P K Sahu, Faculty Advisor, and Prof Anil K Singh and Prof  D Chaira, Tech VP, for their support.

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