Grand Feast and Un-Limitedness

Grand Feast and Un-Limitedness

Anonymous | Apr 11, 2016

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Once a kid during childhood used to walk 2 km through the jungle and paddy fields to reach school; where the kid, thanks to the government, had the privilege of mid-day meals. It was one plate of rice and one small cup of dal every week-day. The undernourished kid never complained and never wasted a single grain of rice. How?

The simple account: The lunch was limited to plate, cup, rice and dal.

It has been two years since I have been observing the Grand Feast. As most of us come from financially capable homes, we do not realize the unlimited amount food wastage we do in the most unforgettable night of the year.

Why should we stop wasting food?

1.    I am in completely dark whose pocket is being loosened in this event. May it be the tax payers’ money or our, doesn’t comes to the pocket without sweat and tear.

2.    A village of five hundred can sustain for a week with the amount of food we waste on a single day.

3.    There are millions of children who are deficient of proteins, vitamins and also carbohydrates who could have been an engineer like you if the necessary nutrients were given in the right time just like your parents provided you.

4.    The causalities due to deficiency in nutrients contained food are in thousands which include deaths of farmers, women during child births, children unable to counter the diseases.

5.    Last time, I saw a journalist taking pictures of the food dustbins. This leads to defamation of the institute in the local society.

What can the institute do?             

1.    Spread awareness. Like printing a message behind the coupon given to everyone. Adding a message while notifying in webmail.

2.    Limit the number of times a certain dish is given.

What can you do?

If this article doesn’t feel like a boring lecture still,

1.    You can tell your friends about it.

2.    Remember all those deprived of the ice-creams or curry you are asking for the second time and ask less.

3.    Criticize a little when your friends say they are about to throw a full plate into the dustbin.

Eat plenty, but eat enough. I wonder what the kid would be thinking if he/she would have been in NIT.

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