Receding the Horizon

Receding the Horizon

Megha Agarwal | Apr 11, 2016

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The Astro club of NIT Rourkela levitated another step to increase general awareness and inquisitiveness of students toward astronomy by conducting the first version of its annual event WarpED, in association with The Science club. It was a two-day event held on 10th and 11th April, 2016.

The first day witnessed a guest lecture from renowned researcher Dr. B. Chandrashekhar from IIT Bhubaneshwar at 10 am in BBA. His talk was on ‘the event horizon of black holes’ which has recently received a major thrust due to detection of gravitation waves. In this talk he attempted to give a pedagogical introduction to the event horizon and discuss the challenges faced in understanding its physics. It was a highly interactive session with more than 40 attendees including faculties as well. The Astro club inaugurated a booklet ‘warpED’ which is a compilation of all the astro photographs taken throughout the year. The event ended with the felicitation of the guest by the Director, Prof Sunil Kumar Sarangi, Prof. Biplap Ganguly, the faculty advisor of The Astro club and Prof. A.C Pradhan, faculty advisor of the Science club.

Astro What was an astro quiz competition whose preliminary round was conducted on Saturday wherein around 24 students turned up from the 60 shortlisted students for the competition. This round was a written round aimed at testing the general awareness of the students about Astronomy. Out of 24 participants, 12 students (6 teams) got selected for the second round. The second round was an audio-visual round in which the participants had to answer the questions in shortest possible period. The winners were given certificates at the end. A two-day exhibition named Astrovaganza was also conducted in Rajendra Mishra Hall wherein 3 school students and the club members exhibited some really fascinating projects which they have developed till date. Holograms, hydroflights, Mars robot, harmonic pendulum, life size version of solar system etc are few to be named.

The Astro club has lived up to its standards and never disappointed the Astronomy enthusiasts in whichever event they present. The Science club too needs a special mention without whose support the event would not have been a success. 

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