A Grand Adios

A Grand Adios

Sujitha Jayaraj | Apr 11, 2016

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As the academic year comes to a conclusion, with just the end semester examinations left to conclude the year, the Hall Management Council organised the Grand Farewell for the batch of 2016. It was a rather grand affair with almost 6000 staff and students attending this Farewell. As one entered the magnificently decorated Dilip Tirkey Stadium, there was the beautiful sight of final year students beautifully dressed, cherishing their farewell. As the countdown to the end of their college life started, there were the sights of them clicking and posing for pictures as they capture the memories with people they hold dear.

The first sight on entering the farewell area was the blank flex where all the final years signed and wrote messages. A TV screen played moments and memories that happened in previous hall days and other hall events and later going on to show photos of the various final years. At 7:00 pm, the evening begun and after a lot of eating a variety of food and unlimited amounts of ice cream and jaljeera soda being drunk, by 11:30, the evening came to an end. In order to avoid long queues and to make receiving the food convenient, 8 vegetarian counters, 15 non-vegetarian counters with 4 counters exclusively for final year students were set up. To beat the summer heat, cool Jaljeera Soda and icecream was served to all without the requirement of a token. To amplify the celebrations, a big balloon was released by the director as the sky was lit up by colourful fireworks. The organisation of this farewell was aided by 72 student volunteers.

Team MM would like to congratulate the Hall Management council for their organisation of the Grand Farewell. As their college era comes to an ends, team MM wishes the final year students good luck for their futures with many successes to come.

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