Performance Fitness Gym: A Critical Review

Performance Fitness Gym: A Critical Review

Andrew Jose Ignatius Milton | Apr 11, 2016

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The long awaited and promised Gymnasium at the old mess of GD Birla Hall of Residence is finally here, being unofficially operational since 28th March 2016. It was officially inaugurated by the Director, Prof. Sunil Kr. Sarangi, on 4th April 2016.

The latest addition to the gyms of NIT Rourkela is a unisex gym, with an abundance of facilities appealing to all kinds of people from beginner jocks to the serious fitness enthusiasts. With a registration fee of INR 500 per month, it is a privately owned and operated gym which is a serious upgrade from the currently old and obsolete Central Gym in the PT Usha Sports Complex. Complete with fancy equipment and a professional trainer, the gym is a great addition to the facilities of the institute.

In order to better comprehend the intricacies only the health conscious appreciate, Team MM contacted Ipsit Pradhan, the current Gym Captain, who regularly uses the new gym, for his insights. Let us take a look at the various features of the new training facility:

Accessibility & Ergonomics

The gym is located on Gulmohar Street, opposite to the Chief Warden’s Office. It is located at a very convenient distance from all men’s hostels. Since it is not attached to GDB, there is no security hassle.

The gym is fairly large and spacious compared to the Central Gym, and is also well ventilated. There is sufficient space for all workouts and mirrors for checking one’s workout form.

Registration & Timings

The registration fee is INR 500 per month with timings from 6:00 am to 8:30 am at morning and 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the evenings. This is true for all days of the week with only the Sunday evenings being a holiday. With such flexible timings that are common to both men and women, it is far superior to the restrictive timings of the Central Gym. There are currently 40 men enrolled in the gym, and the trainer claims that lack of awareness is the reason for no women enrollment.

The gym is less than 1/4th in terms of cost and has more equipment in comparison to Snap Fitness, one of the leading Gym Chains in the country.

The Equipment

Compared to the Central Gym, where most of the equipment is either broken, missing or in very bad condition, the Performance Fitness Gym has a plethora of brand new equipment pertaining to all aspects required for almost any workout. Ipsit recommends this gym for all those earnest about their workout, from beginners who are just starting out to the people who have been working out seriously, as they can find all the advanced equipment to go for that tough workout.

There is equipment available to train each and every part of the body. Some of them include Preacher Curl, Lat Pulldown, Shoulder Press, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Smith Machines, Table Crossover, Bench Press, Flat Incline, Leg Press etc. 

The Trainer

The trainer, Mr. Satbir Singh Bhui, is a State Boxing Champion in Odisha and has been working as a gym trainer for the past four years, having received his training from Rajasthan. He knows about the technicalities of bodybuilding and keeps a check on the proper form of the athletes when they work out. 

It’s necessary for beginners to have a proper posture when they start working out. The trainer helps with this aspect pertaining to the various requirements required by athletes and sportsmen (and women) of various dispositions, preferences and body types.

The Verdict:

In conclusion, the new gym is a boon for the health conscious of NIT Rourkela since it is available at an affordable rate and an accessible location. Since the gym is a private venture, it is expected that all the equipment will be regularly maintained and repaired as necessary. With good equipment, flexible timings and a professional trainer, this gym is a must for all aspiring gym goers in the institute.

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