Laptop Thefts: Preventing a Continuous Trail

Laptop Thefts: Preventing a Continuous Trail

Anonymous | Apr 11, 2016

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On a certain day in March, my laptop was stolen from my own room and what followed was a series of mishandled responses and inquiries from the students which made my life more difficult than it already was.  However, primary purpose of this post is to help you save your laptops and it has no intention to play the blame game.

Laptops are being stolen in regular intervals and the success rate of retrieval within time is ten per cent. Recovery of other laptops can be attributed to the helping hands of the second hand laptop sellers or information smugglers, which is a not so reliable source.

So it is necessary to take some precautions which I had not taken.

1.     Buy a laptop lock. It’s around five hundred rupees which is not much compared to the hundred times expensive laptop.

2.     Though not so effective, it is convenient to lock the laptops with password. Anti-Theft software can also be a good preventive measure.

3.     It is good to procure insurance for costly laptops.

4.     Do not leave the room unlocked, even while going outside for a few seconds.

5.     The culprit needs (not necessarily) a charger or a bill to sell. Keep both of them hidden.

When the laptop is stolen, the victim in shock and panic does not take the appropriate steps decreasing the chance of repossession.

1.     Save mobile numbers of the Chief Warden and warden in your mobile. Call them immediately after being confirmed of the theft to block and check all the exiting students with laptops at the hostel gates and NITR gates.

2.     Immediately go for an authorised search to all the rooms whose residents are your suspects.

3.     Contact your customer care with MAC-ID and Service tag number to stop all the services to be provided to the stolen laptop.

4.     File an FIR in Sector-3 Police station for tracking. Do not avoid it. The thief may use your laptop or mobile for cyber-crimes.

It is to be noted that the institute does not guarantee the safety of your devices.


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