A Technical Fiesta: Tech-a-thon

A Technical Fiesta: Tech-a-thon

Asmita Poddar | Apr 11, 2016

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Microsoft Campus Club organized the last technical event of the year, Tech-a-thon, on 9th and 10th April, 2016. The event was initially supposed to be held on 2nd and 3rd April but was shifted to the next weekend due to unavoidable circumstances.  The event saw a participation of about 50 people of which 45 were from colleges outside. Daylong workshops, guest lectures, fun events and competitions were conducted over these two days.

Day 1:                   

A three hour workshop on Socket programming with multi-threading in Java was scheduled to start at 9 am on 9th. There were professional tutors, who conducted the workshop in the EC Seminar Hall. A fun event, Horcrux Hunt was lined up between the two halves of the workshop.

Horcrux Hunt was a Harry Potter themed, app based treasure hunt, in which teams of three participated. The teams were given passwords to the app at the same time and had to solve the hints which would lead them to some place within the academic area, which had been renamed as some location in the Hogwarts world. Once they reached that location they had to crack another question, which would eventually lead them to the final answer. The winners of the Horcrux Hunt received prize money of Rs. 5000.

Day 2:                        

The second day started off with workshops on Socket Programming and Web Development. The web development workshop was conducted by Dilip Raj Baral, a student of NITR. It was followed by a guest lecture by Mr. Venkata Narsimham Peri, partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers, and an alumnus of NITR at 10 am at PPA. It was an online interactive session with the world renowned Management Consulting leader, and those attending the lecture were highly inspired by his experiences and words.

There was also a competition called Techi-Trix, an MCQ based coding contest. The winner of that also won Rs. 5000. After the second session of the web development workshop, a competition on socket programming was held, the winner of which won prize money of Rs. 10,000.                                       

The event saw many hurdles on the way in terms of their budget being sanctioned from SAC, as well as sponsors backing out. In fact, there were times when the event was on the verge of getting cancelled, but the co-ordinators persevered and managed to pull it through with incredible enthusiasm.

Sangeet Singh, one of the Co-ordinators said,

We had to spend nearly 25 days running around in SAC to do a 2-day job in order to procure the necessary funds. Hence, the planning and proceedings got very delayed due to that. 

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