A Mandatory Retrospection: CVR Hall of Residence

A Mandatory Retrospection: CVR Hall of Residence

Amruthavarshini Mahankali | Apr 13, 2016

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The older ladies’ abode has seen considerable changes throughout this academic year and has anticipated a lot many. With some promises kept and some not, team MM takes you down the lane of 2015-16 through the happenings in CVR Hall of residence, as the semester brings an end to the term of its Warden, asst. Warden and secretaries . Read on to know the problems still prevailing and the ones which have been attended to, by the HMC of CVR Hall of residence.

Washing linen:

With the washing machine heading for a repair at the end of the odd semester, the boarders did face a lot of problem pertaining to washing and drying clothes as there wasn’t an alternative plan immediately available. However, a few waashermen have been assigned the job of collecting the clothes and getting them washed and ironed, if contacted by the boarders, which they seldom did. As of now, there is still an application in the Chief Warden’s office requesting the repair of the washing machine, which is most likely to not happen as the cost of repair exceeds the returns. There is also a plan of giving the dhobi a room where the boarders would get their clothes labeled for a clear process, which would be put into action, once the boarders start availing the facility.


As it is known that the term of the caterers of CVR Hall of Residence comes to an end this year, it is likely that they might get changed for the coming semesters based on the replies to the advertisement of the Hall Management Council for new caterers. The HMC meeting which is scheduled to happen in the month of May, will be reviewing the quality of the mess and interview the caterers, before taking a decision on changing them.

The menu, despite being revised several times in the year by the mess secretary has not been very effective in revoking the taste buds of the boarders due to the fact that very few ladies showed interest in suggesting changes to the menu. The general body meetings which are essentially held to discuss issues as such saw a very low turnout forcing the secretaries to finalize menus on their own and taking the burden of all the complaints too.

Disposal of sanitary napkins:

Off late, the disposal of sanitary napkins has become a concern, keeping in mind the problems which arise during the rainy season. Early this semester, it has been instructed that the boarders use the chutes which have been installed at the end of the corridors. However, this idea doesn’t seem working as pointed out by the General Secretary, that the pipes are very far away from the washrooms. Meanwhile, the warden of CVR Hall of Residence Dr. Sasmita Mohapatra says,

The pipelines have been installed so that the complaints about the dogs messing around with dustbins can be put to rest once for all. However, it is the duty of the boarders to help us with the execution of this idea. If the boarders use the pipelines judiciously, more of them can be installed to ensure ease.

Air coolers:

Talking about the ill-effects of the scorching summers in Rourkela, heat strokes top the list. It has become an issue of concern when most of the students have installed coolers on rent or by purchase, in their rooms for a less- savage summer. It is a matter of fact that the heat can take toll over the students’ health as well as the power consumption of the Hall of residence, as a whole.

The recent attempt at confiscation of coolers was just a measure taken to convey the students the fact that if everyone in the hall starts using a cooler, the power consumption would increase in leaps and bounds and might lead to frequent power cuts. The Warden says that the boarders of the top floor using coolers is justified, keeping in mind that it they are directly exposed to the heat. It should also be understood that it’s exam time and power cuts are not welcome. Therefore, the boarders must act wisely and use the power available, judiciously.

Power backup:

The CVR Hall of Residence has the same phase as the academic area with no connections to the DG site. The mess has complete power backup but the rooms do not. The increased usage of coolers, kettles and hair dryers can lead to fluctuating power supply which is unwanted during this time. So, controlled usage of power drawing appliances seems to be the only solution to prevent and face power cuts.

Pest control:

Summer is not just the season which brings woes of heat and sweat but also homes a variety of insects all over the buildings. CVR Hall of Residence is no exception to that. Thousands of moths and other insects flock around tube lights and in washrooms, almost making them uninhabitable. Though there are frequent rounds of spraying pesticide, they fail to stop the breeding of pests in the second and third floors. Plans to have nets installed and distribution of home-pest sprays are still in the pipeline.

Theft of garments and coolers:

It is not very surprising that cases of stolen garments and coolers have been registered a lot lately. As a full stop to these cases and to prevent such people from committing heinous acts like these, the idea of installing CC cameras in the clothes-drying areas is still in talks. In response to this proposal, the Warden, Prof. Sasmita Mohapatra said,

It is extremely unfortunate that we are facing such situations and it’s high time that we did something about it. The plan of installing CC cameras sounds very effective as it is right now in the reading room; however it is possible only if all the boarders agree to it, as some may view it as a breach of privacy. The HMC will look into this matter and then take proper decisions.

Developments and initiatives of the HMC of CVR:

The hall management council members of CVR have done a decent job in adding in infrastructure to the hall and establishing a reading room, a games room and a fully working gym, which the boarders could not enjoy last year. Graffiti has been done by professionals on some of the walls to improve aesthetic appearance to the people passing by and lots of investment has been done in developing the lawns in front of the hall. The establishment of a music room is supposed to start when there is sufficient response and enthusiasm from the boarders. Late entries of boarders have supposedly gone down this year when compared to last year as told by the Warden.

Shifting of boarders:

Last year, at the end of the spring semester, all the boarders were asked to shift their luggage to the common rooms and vacate their rooms for white washing. This time it is very unlikely to happen as most of the renovation work has been completed, especially in the A-block. Coming to the shuttling of boarders between CVR and KMS, the final years are sure to be not disturbed. As far as boarders who want to shift are concerned, a proper application, stating reasons of shifting should be given to the warden when a formal notice is put up.


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