A Powerful Achiever: Abhilash Patel

A Powerful Achiever: Abhilash Patel

Abhishek Panda | Apr 18, 2016

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The department of Electrical Engineering is growing leaps and bounds in terms of cutting edge research. Since the advent of M.Tech and Ph.D. programs, the inflow of students and the quality of projects and theses has remarkably improved. Giving justice to that is Abhilash Patel, an M.Tech graduate of 2015 batch in the field of Control and Automation. He won the POSOCO Power System Award, 2016, for his thesis titled “Study on Wide-Area Controller Design and Effect of Delays in Power System”. He received the award on 18th March. He received the honour under “Masters” category, which also contains a cash prize of 30,000 INR.  

POSOCO Power System Award (PPSA) is a national level award and carries a high value in power system research community. The award has been constituted in partnership with the Foundation for Innovation & Technology Transfer (FITT), IIT Delhi and POSOCO, Power Ministry to encourage excellence and innovative research in the area of power systems. It grants many opportunities for its recipients to collaborate and pursue research with distinguished personalities in the interest area of power systems.  

Apart from that, Abhilash Patel was also one of the finalists of IEEE Innovation Award, 2015, held on December 22, 2015 at Jadavpur University, Kolkata for the same thesis. MM congratulates him for his tremendous achievements and hopes that he continues to augment the status of the Electrical sciences department and NIT-R.



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