A Benevolent Body: Bless ‘n’ Bliss

A Benevolent Body: Bless ‘n’ Bliss

Andrew Jose Ignatius Milton | Apr 25, 2016

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It is said that charity begins at home. Bless ‘n’ Bliss is an epitome of this sentiment, being NIT Rourkela’s very own homegrown trust. The idea for Bless ‘n’ Bliss was conceived by its Founder and Chairman, Md. Akramuddin Ansari, a final year student of the institute.

The idea started out small, with nine friends who met up in a hostel room every week since 2nd Feb 2015, each contributing Rs. 10 which was pooled together and given to a single child labourer so that he/she could study rather than work to support his/her family. Within two months, the little club had grown to 70 members, and included a professor. Akram created a Facebook page in which he recorded every member’s contribution and how it had been spent.

An idea began to take shape. Plans were made to create an international NGO which would function as an educational trust fund. And so on 2nd Nov 2015, seven months since its conception, Bless ‘n’ Bliss was born, officially registered with the government with the following aims:

·        Eradication of illiteracy

·        Enrichment of the soul of society

·        Increasing positivity in the world

After the trust was officially established, its members started to organise community welfare drives; collecting over 2000 clothes from the NITR populace and distributing it to the poor, collecting waste paper and binding them into notebooks for the use of underprivileged children, enrolling deserving children into schools and paying for their education.

At this point, Akram and his team started to approach the Director, various NGO’s, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) divisions of various companies, Alumni, Friends and Family for funding and support. Their vision was to expand the trust to every city in India, with teams established in various cities such as Rourkela, Ranchi, and Bhubaneswar. They considered their strength to maintain transparency and accountability to be their greatest assets, striving to work until every child receives basic education in India.

The core team of the trust consists of Akram Ansari as Founder & Chairman, Satya Ranjan Sahoo as Secretary, Shaswata Bisi as Joint Secretary and Aakar Kapoor as Treasurer. They’ve created a website www.blessnbliss.org to advertise the trust, inviting people with talents or experience in leadership, volunteering, technical matters, content writing, media relations & sponsorship and design capabilities to join their team for a charitable cause.

When interviewed by Monday Morning, Akram had a few insights to share with the student community. He urges people not to waste energy in blaming poverty, illiteracy and unemployment but rather use that energy to take initiatives in changing the country. He claims that one small step of your contribution to charity is akin to an ocean for the people you are contributing to and such contributions and initiatives can greatly enhance the lives of the underprivileged.

“God has given you one life. Live it for the lives of a lakh people and see the great impact it has on society.”

Akram has shared his email and phone number to any those who wish to contact him for more details, volunteer or contribute in any way: 8018132250; ansariakram0007@gmail.com

“Education is a fundamental right of every child born on this planet. It is heartening to learn that four students of this institute have given concrete shape to the above thought by creating Bless ‘n’ Bliss, a truly egalitarian NGO that is focusing on primary education for the underprivileged. Their effort will certainly help thousands of underprivileged children attain their God-given potential through education. I wish Bless ‘n’ Bliss and its young, enthusiastic and selfless creators all success and rapid growth in fulfilling their mission.”

– Prof. Sunil Kr. Sarangi, Director NIT-Rourkela.

Team MM wishes Bless ‘n’ Bliss success in their endeavour to provide basic necessities to the underprivileged and develop the nation.

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