Vectoring a Hallowed Legacy

Vectoring a Hallowed Legacy

Abhishek Panda | Apr 25, 2016

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The students at NIT-R strive to pursue excellence in all walks of life and history stands testimonial to the fact that they have indeed achieved laurels on behalf of the hallowed institution that is NIT-R. Three such students added a feather to their cap in the "Think Nano" conference, held at IISC Bangalore’s Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE), a 500 Cr. Facility. The conference is a student organised one, wherein faculties provide talks on various topics pertaining to their research facilities. The primary agenda of the conference is to help the attendees envisage viable products out of the research performed and help in development of mankind. Various entrepreneurs who initialized their start-ups at the conference provided talks. Every research talk was succeeded by a talk of a viable product from the research findings.

The NIT-R students participated in the poster competition and three were awarded with the best poster honour. Jasti Naga Pratibha, from the discipline of Physics (Int. MSc.), got the award for a poster on blended neem and cotton fibers. Ramansingh Thakur, from the discipline of Chemical Engineering (M.Tech), received the title for a poster on magnetically separable Ag-AgBr/Fe2O3 hetero-structured photo-catalyst for the degradation of dye. Prem Depan Nayak, from the discipline of Chemical Engineering (Dual Degree), was awarded the honour for his poster on synthesis of anisotropic dendritic Ag nanostructures. MM congratulates the awardees and hopes that they continue to augment the proud legacy of NIT-R.


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