NITRpedia: Decoding a Monolith

NITRpedia: Decoding a Monolith

Team MM | Aug 01, 2016

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For an institute that speaks for itself - be it in tradition, performance, or campus life - there is only just so much you can do when you try and put in words, why a student should opt to join NIT Rourkela. Be it the well positioned, yet serene advantage of location, the current placements and ever-growing alumni body, the hallowed walls of the institute that bears testimony to a legacy; or the ever-enriching process of growth. As if that wasn’t enough, you are assured a roller coaster ride of excitement, freedom and a cornucopia of memories during residence here.

It hasn’t been that long since NIT-R first officially made its mark in the international fraternity of science and technology. Catalyzed by Dr. Sunil Kumar Sarangi, who spearheaded the transformation of REC to NIT - all the way back in 2002 - the small yet significant step changed things down to the institute’s very core. So much so, that now, NIT-R is not just an institute. It’s a feeling which is shared by a proud 6000-odd student body. Here we present a complete go-through of what it has to offer:


Your Safe Haven:

Spanning over a thousand acres, the NITR campus resembles a carpet of green, dotted with buildings when viewed on Google Maps. The majestic main building grabs your attention as soon as you enter the gate. Adjoining it, to the right is the Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium, the abode to cultural events and admission processes. Thereafter flanking the campus on the left is the long avenue of Department buildings with state-of-art facilities, and towards the right one witnesses the Student Activity Centre, the hub of all extra-curricular activities. There are two bookstores right there under your nose to cater to every stationary need that you might have. The beautiful circular Lecture Annexure (LA) forms the major centre of learning by the day and buzzes with student activities in the evening.

The institute is a paradise for sports and fitness enthusiasts with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a central gym, multiple basketball and tennis courts and stadiums with flood lights for cricket and football. Harboring to the monetary, medical and other basic needs, there is a bank, three ATMs, a Post Office, a Students’ Shop and a fully functional Dispensary with a 24x7 open Apollo Pharmacy. The Central Library is tailor-made for the quintessential scholar with over 59,000 books and an automated book issue/return system. With delicious eateries spread over the campus, you can not only satiate your palate but also have a nice time hanging out with your chums. One does not simply get bored by life at NIT-R!

What’s more, with a number of well-defined safety policies and procedures in place to cater to the safety concerns of its students, NITR has all the safety provisions one could ask for. Be it proper lighting in all the department buildings, avenues and areas,or campus security policing the gigantic expanse of the campus at any odd time of the day, NITR has always aimed at creating not just an abode, but a safe haven for its junta.


Home Away From Home:

With a total of 10 Halls of Residence to house more than 6000 students, with 2 for ladies, one for married couples and rest for men, NITR is one of the very few institutions of the nation that provide such a vibrant and lively hostel life. In order to curb ragging effectively, two halls have been allotted exclusively to the freshmen. Keeping the nutritional requirements of the boarders in mind, all the Halls are replete with a mess, day and night canteens as well as fruit vendors. Strict guidelines are followed to ensure high quality ingredients are used and any case of non-compliance is dealt with severely. A dedicated food technologist is present to ensure optimum eating experience of all boarders. With the department buildings a small walk away, the Halls have been a yin to the campuses’ yang, providing a soothing contrast to the boarders while they bask in the scenic glory of the gardens that seem to be taken straight out of James Cameron’s head.

"To top it all, each Hall of Residence houses a reading room, a common room and equipment for a wide variety of indoor games, to help boarders relax after a hectic day. Be it chess, carom, table tennis or badminton- you name it, they have it!" 

And the best part is the presence of high-speed internet connection in every Hall of Residence. Because internet is the fourth rudimental requirement, only succeeded by food, shelter and clothing. The Halls also have their own set of rules in place to ensure safety, with a sensible in-time for all the residents. Although the strict implementation of the rules and regulations can be quite irksome at times, but at the end of the day, you’ll be left feeling as snug as a bug in a rug!



Bon Appétit!

Home to the acclaimed 'Chenna Poda', one of the many frabjous gifts Odisha has bestowed upon the world, our state has a lot of delicacies to offer. Keeping up with the rising standards, our mess offers multi-course, multi cuisine wholesome meals. A perfect fusion of taste and health, the mess facilities have a lot lined in store for you! A scrupulously designed menu, separate lines and tables for the vegetarians and non-vegetarians, hygienic kitchens, spotlessly-clean washing areas, a supportive mess crew are just a few of the many reasons for us to take pride in our mess facilities. We’re pretty sure that the nasty rumors you hear about hostel mess facilities will be put to an end after you dine with us.

For those of you who believe that alternatives to mess facilities are a sine qua non for any institute, despair not! Every hostel has its own canteens, a very affordable and convenient dining option for the ones who yearn for a break from the mess. And for the restaurant fanatics, various establishments such as Jo’z Kitchen, Hex Restaurant, Moksh, Rengcol and Calorie canteens are present all over the institute, at convenient distance from the hostels. Fancy a full course meal? Hex is the place for you. Plan to hang out with your pals over some classic fast food? Jo’z Kitchen is a definite treat for your taste buds. Fine dining and a pleasant ambience? Moksh is the one you're looking for. A quick snack between classes? Rengcol and Calorie at your service. With many other minor establishments such as Amul, Pani Puri stalls, Nescafe outlets, tea stalls and other street food and fruit salad stalls located at various junctures of the institute, dining options at NIT Rourkela are endless!



Academic Extravaganza:

Get over the enormity of the gigantic campus already, if you don’t want to miss out on the undergoing academic developments behind those walls! Established almost 50 years ago, NITR not only boasts of a strong build-up of a whopping 20+ departments, but also ensures a constant positive metamorphosis in them. Not only does this place raise scientists and technocrats of tomorrow, but it also incubates the entrepreneurs and economists of the future, thanks to its blossoming start-up culture. Immaculate academicians like Debashish Sarkar and Dr. Balasubramaniam, as well as students like Anupam Samantaray, who recently secured AIR 1 in GATE 2015, continue to bring laurels and prove the institution’s mettle in fields of education and research. Extremely high tech laboratories and equipment, such as the High Voltage lab in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Tissue Generator in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and 3D printers in the Department of Industrial Design nurture the curiosity and research ability of students in their respective fields of study. The meticulously charted out curriculum, especially for the freshmen, gives them an edge over others in terms of knowledge and the hard work they put into mastering it. What more can you ask for?       


It’s Never Done without Fun!

NITR aims for the holistic development of an individual. It not only excels in academics but also creates an environment for extra-curricular activities, where you can give wings to your hobbies and interests and create something out-of-the-box. 

SAC or Student Activity Centre is the hub for all these extra-curricular pursuits. Apart from promoting comradeship among students, it also serves as the main organizing office for all annual events and the students’ symposium. The working of the SAC is mainly divided into four societies and every club and satellite society in the institute is registered to any one of the societies. SAC and its vibrant atmosphere is one of the few unique memories which you would surely cherish throughout your lifetime.

The club culture is a vital aspect of every NITIAN’s life and a paramount piece of SAC. With more than 60 clubs registered under the four societies of SAC which are engrossed in photography, debating, dance, music, automobile designing, quizzing, programming, designing, culinary, entrepreneurship, social activities, basketball, badminton - to name some, students get a sea of opportunities to augment their interests, think, and create something exceptional.Through these clubs, students participate in competitions and fests of national repute and earn stars and laurels for the institute.

"SnM crew bagging silver medal in Indian Hip-hop championship, Cyborg bagging first prize in image processing at IIT-Bombay, Team Roadrunner being in top 5 of  SUPRA-SAE are some of the recent feathers that were added to the proverbial cap.  With such jubilant clubs, you won't face an ounce of monotony and enjoy your stay at NITR to the fullest."

Another factor which will add many more flavors to your upcoming campus life is the myriad events and fests lining up the academic year. With four major fests, there is scarcely any phase when the junta is unexcited or not in the nick of things. These fests, namely Multiethnic fest-celebrating NITR’s ‘unity in diversity’, Innovision-the grand tech-fest, NITRutsav- the cultural extravaganza and International Students Meet aka ISM- celebrating the concept of global village, are the most awaited moments of the year which every NITIAN craves for.  As if these are not enough, we have events like Celebrity Night, Inter NIT sports meet, Intra NIT sports, Inter and Intra hall competitions, National Entrepreneurship Summit, Grand Farewell Dinner, Hall days, and celebrations like Saraswati Puja, Holi and Christmas. These moments will be a few glimpses of your campus life which you would surely look back to for the rest of your life.



The management of the institute is the responsibility of a Board of Governors (BoG) created as per the NIT Act of Parliament 2007. Under the Act, the Director is the principal executive and academic officer. The Board of Governors is assisted by three other authorities viz., The Senate, The Building and Works Committee and Finance Committee. The Senate headed by the director frames the curriculum and conducts the examinations. The Institute Standing Disciplinary Committee (ISDC) of the Senate is responsible for curbing any unjustified behavior and advising the administration on issues affecting said behavior of students on the campus. The Finance Committee oversees matters relating to the procurement of goods and inventories.

"The Director is supported by five deans i.e. the Dean for Academic Affairs, the Dean for Student Affairs, the Dean for Planning and Development, the Dean for Alumni Relations and the Dean for Research and Consultancy. The registrar is in charge of all office matters, and has four assistant registrars to assist him."


You can find the contact details of every individual that you might need to reach, during your four years in this institute in the Communication Handbook, which can be found here:

Please remember, that there are no time constraints and you should not hesitate to contact anybody at a time of need, under any circumstance. 

Also, for any emergencies you can turn for help to this link, here:


Placements and Career Choices:


In today’s competitive world, the thirst for jobs is never ending. You’ll be surprised to know that NIT Rourkela has outshone various premium institutes of this country on those grounds. With various MNCs offering handsome salaries to the students of NITR, this institution is the perfect launch-pad for a student’s career.   Many internationally renowned companies have recruited from Rourkela this year, such as Microsoft, Deloitte, PwC DIAC, United Health Group, ITC, Goldman Sachs and many more, with the highest offer of a staggering amount of 24 lakhs per annum being made by Codenation. The Dual degree students shared an even platform with their BTech. counterparts and M.Sc. students received offers from prominent research facilities across the nation and various coaching institutes.

Internships bagged by students in companies and other institutes for work and research experience are of great repute. This year, a student of Computer Science bagged an internship in the prestigious GsoC (Google Summer of Code) which selects 1000 candidates from the world. Students also go abroad to do internships in various countries like the United States, Canada etc.

Start-ups are the new flavor of the season. It has led people to discard the idea of “one job for life.” India is one of the fastest growing start-up ecosystems, and NITR has a fair share of contribution into this industry. Be it the intra-campus start-ups to help out the clueless freshers, like Hostelcart or nationally renowned ones like MySmartPrice, SharedElectric, Phoenix Robotix, Pennyindia; each of these is a brainchild of NITR’s students and alumni.



The Alumni Network:

NITR, the second largest campus in the country boasts not only of its huge size but also of its large network of alumni spread across the globe in varied fields.


"CP Gurnani, Damodar Acharya, Akash Khurana, Debasish Ghose, SK Mohapatra are some of the distinguished alumni who have created a magnanimous image of NITR in both national as well as international maps."


Adjectives fall short to describe the contributions of these legends to mankind. It is really inspiring to note their struggle behind their success and learn something. Some of them reached heights as academicians or researchers while some chose to be entrepreneurs and some have marked their presence in entertainment industry. Come join NITR in its proud legacy of producing nothing but the finest alumni. Your name is waiting to be added to the list!

To Sum it up:

At NITR, you'll have the perfect learning experience with a multitude of facilities; ample opportunities to experiment with your areas of expertise and grow holistically; and a comfortable and meaningful stay without an ounce of monotony. This institute is an abode of learning which leads you upward on the graph of your career and all the disciples in this temple of knowledge are blessed with wisdom and priceless experiences which you will cherish for the rest of your life. Be a part of the proud NIT-R family.


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