Mech Morphosis

Mech Morphosis

Debasis Choudhury | Aug 01, 2016

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In this age of IT industry, the Mechanical Engineering Department has made a name for itself. The department is supposedly under the process of bringing the course “Safety Engineering” from the Chemical Department into its department as decided by senate. There have been no additional specialised courses but the Department has already started offering interactive classes and MOOCS (Massive Open Online Course) on multiple subjects in association with IIT Bombay through iitbombayx. Students belonging to this department have done internships from reputed institutions and industries like IIT Kanpur, NALCO, L&T to name a few. Approximately there are 100 research scholars in the department currently, submitting their thesis upon the subject they had been pursuing. New scholars are being recruited in the department to strengthen the papers which are being published by the department. The hallmark of the department is the dedicated and brilliant faculty of the department. Seminars and Workshops are conducted on a frequent basis in the department.  A number of projects have been taken up by the professors which are sponsored by agencies such as SERB, DST and some private institutes. To name a few “Effective necrosis of tumour using cryosurgery”, Prof. Amitesh Kumar, quoting him as to what the project is about

“It is a cryosurgery, another way of treating cancerous tumour. It is another modality alongside chemotherapy, laser therapy and what we do is create very cold conditions to destroy the tumour using Liquid Nitrogen and creating suitable conditions for surgery using ultrasonography”.

Another project which has been taken up by Prof. Subrata Kumar Panda who had setup a workshop “Composite Material Processing Analysis and Optimisation” named “Experimental and Numerical investigation of vibration control of laminated composite panel bonded with piezoelectric materials” which is almost nearing its completion. In a gist, quoting him “Experimental proof and validation of the mathematical model that without using any controller we can supress the deflection or amplitude of vibration of any structural component or element”.


The laboratories have a lot left to be desired. The sole Liquid Nitrogen Plant has already been repaired along with the Rapid Prototyping Machine but the “Electro Dynamic Shaker(EDS)” hasn’t been partly functioning as the power amplifiers are not working and so is the Dynamic Balancing machine completely not working. Both the equipment belongs to the Dynamics Laboratory while the equipment in the IC Engines laboratory, CFD laboratory, Robotics laboratory are working fine. In the heat transfer lab only 5-6 machines are in working condition while the only machinery in the Refrigeration lab isn’t in working condition at all and is being used as a demo for the students. Funds have been allocated and procurement process has already been started according to Prof. S.K Panda. Shifting to better equipment is the need of the hour, the statement echoed by both the faculty members and the research scholars.

There is a sense of excitement among the students as the department is going to be shifted to the Mechanical Sciences Building once the construction process is complete. New laboratories such as “Instrumental Lab” will be setup and new ideas such as “Flame Propagation” would become a reality in the IC Engines lab. The Mechatronics discipline would be incorporated in a larger way in the curriculum, mostly from the next semester. Infrastructure development would give a major boost to the research process believe the scholars who complain about the space and functionality of the present equipment.

There is a void after Dr. S.K Sarangi, the previous director of the institute who belonged to the Mechanical Engineering Department left alongside him Dr. Chiranjeet Sarkar. The students and the faculties feel that Dr. Sarangi being an inspirational leader, guide and motivator-his presence will surely be missed and they believe in carrying on the good work making NIT Rourkela’s Mechanical Branch more noteworthy by bringing in accolades in the fields of research and discoveries.

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