Department Of P&A: Envisaging A Better Tomorrow

Department Of P&A: Envisaging A Better Tomorrow

Satyajit Mahapatra | Aug 01, 2016

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Last year with the successful organisation of the ZoNASA-2015, the department of Planning and Architecture, though in its adolescence has already hit its brand in the national architectural scenario. As it gears up for the new semester the department is looking forward to be even better poised to take the Architecture wing of NITR to a fresh layer.

Three new faculties have currently started working with the department. Navonita Saha, Tirthankar Sarkar from IIT Kharagpur, who will be submitting their PhDs next week have joined the institute recently. Dr. Khuplianlam Tungnung from Japan has also completed his PhD. and has already taken charge. The curriculum for this semester has been kept unaltered and any reforms regarding the syllabus will be implemented after the meeting of the DAPOC (Departmental Academic Program Oversight Committee).  The department also plans to consult external experts regarding amends in the course of study. The department will be shifting from its current location to the new facility at the TIIR building by the end of the semester, pending resolution of issues pertaining to partition of space on the second floor and electrical connections in the concerned area.    

The department added another feather to its cap with the pompous celebration of the architectural extravaganza ZoNASA-2015. The event, held from 13th October on 16th October saw the participation of students from architecture institutes from eastern India with a whopping 1200 number of students participating in the event. The events featured guest lectures from experts, competitions and cultural activities. The event was a huge success and a significant achievement for the nascent department.

Students from the branch also participated in Consilium-2K15, an event organized by Tata Structure and Sagar Business where Madhusudan Sethy (Civil Engineering) and Siddharth Panigrahi (P&A) won the first prize in the Micro Structure designs for the steel section while bagging the second prize in the Macro design section. Students from the department also participated in the Design Carnival which was held as a part of the Bhubaneswar chapter of the IIA, where Monica Hembram, Tanmay Sahu, Sampurna Sikhdar bagged the first prize in the face painting competition.     

The department also has had its fair share of problems. The major difficulty being the lack of faculties to meet the demands of the student population. The department despite new recruits is failing to meet the standard demand of 13 faculties required for the smooth functioning of the department. The dearth of space for the department is also a cause of concern, which hopefully will be resolved when the department shifts over to the TIIR building. The department currently has 37 functional computers which are made available to the students, but there is a need to upgrade them so as to meet today’s standards.

The department is optimistic about setting up a Masters schools in the coming years provided the condition wherein the department will have enough faculties to sustain the endeavour. Team MM wishes the Planning and Architecture Department All the best for all its future ventures.

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