Rising pillars and Raising beams- Civil Engineering Department

Rising pillars and Raising beams- Civil Engineering Department

Pradhyumna Rao | Aug 01, 2016

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Being one of the oldest branches in NIT Rourkela, Civil Department has left no stone unturned in terms of imparting quality education to its students. With advancements in infrastructure every year, the civil department has tried to deliver to its maximum potential. Adhering to its targets, the two anticipated laboratories – dynamics and traffic laboratories, are now operational. Constant retrospection has delivered better results in the maintenance of expensive machines. More efficient and sophisticated machinery for labs have been purchased.

Navigating students the right path in this sea of opportunities is the very enthusiastic and highly qualified faculty. With research projects being constantly undertaken by the professors, they are on par with the best faculty of any institute. The department not only caters to the needs of its students, but also its faculty. The equipment grants of the professors have been reducing since two years and this stands as a major hurdle. More research projects are the only hope to overcome it. The family has gotten larger this year with 2 new professors, debuting their career. Although the faculty has increased no new courses have been added.

Decent shares of students were placed last year, but the aspirations are high for this year with expectations of 90% placements. On an average basis the placement scenario has been moderate, but the placements of dual degree of students have increased which is noteworthy. NIT Rourkela is always upgrading its infrastructure. The ongoing construction activities in the campus have given direct exposure to civil engineering students. 30 students stayed back in the summer to study practical aspects of civil engineering availing the best of opportunities available.  A good proportion of M.Tech students are now actively participating in industrial training with complete guidance from the department. Projects worth 77 lakh rupees have been undertaken by the students along with several other large scale consulting projects.  

For the first time in the institute a civil fest will be conducted by the civil engineering students and is in the process guided by the Head of Department (HoD), prof. S.K.Sahu. But much to their disappointment civil students will have to wait longer for their department building. A site has been already earmarked but due to technical issues the project has been delayed for 2 years. With less hopes seen in starting the project anytime soon. The wait will remain longer than expected

Being one of the oldest engineering branches in the world, civil department lies in a very unstable gravel, constantly updating technologies and the vast area of applications.  Strengthening their foundations and raising pillars of strength, the civil department is all set to face its new bunch of challenges and carry out their legacy of maintaining a healthy, concrete and a poise environment.


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