Adding New Feathers to the Cap: Mining Engineering

Adding New Feathers to the Cap: Mining Engineering

Gyan Prakash Sahoo | Aug 01, 2016

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With NITR gearing up for the new academic year, Mining Engineering Department is all set to welcome new faces and create new rooms for development, along with providing some great news starting from procurement of new equipments to achievements by professors and students in various fields.

Prof. Vivek Himanshu joined Central Institute of Mining and Research (CIMFR), Dhanbad as a scientist in the month of May, thus writing a glorious record for the department.

Adding to this, Prof. B.K Pal and Prof. D.P Tripathy presented their project proposals before Ministry of Mines at Hyderabad, along with Prof. S.Jayanthu being invited by the same for enhanced funding of his ongoing project.

The upcoming year is bringing new hopes for the department, with it getting Fund for Improvement of S & T Infrastructure –Department of Science and Technology grant in first phase for an equipment of 60T Rock Cyclic Loading Unit, which will stimulate the loading of strata to predict the rock behavior in terms of stress and strain. Further, a Mercury Porosimeter has been procured from Quantachrome, USA and the final installation will be completed within the next two weeks. Mercury Porosimeter measures the pore size of various nano particles.

Enhancing the list further, a widely used bundle of softwares has being procured from Rocscience Inc., Canada. These softwares cover a wide spectrum of problems such as slope stability, underground excavation stability, rock and soil data analysis etc.

 As quoted by Prof. Manoj Kumar Mishra, HOD, “These softwares will equip the students and researchers of NIT Rourkela with latest solution codes.’’

Continuing this glorious list, Prof. H.K Naik recently got elected as one of the Board of Governors (BOG) of NITRKL. Also, an alumnus from the department, Sai Prasanna Rath has made his alma mater proud by working for the computer literacy of kids in rural Bihar. Challenging the rote learning system and believing in practicality, he joined SBI Fellowship in August 2015 and began working with Aga Khan Rural Support Programme India in Pusa block of Samastipur district, Bihar. Today he has achieved his aim in Bherokhara Middle School and is planning to replicate his successful model in more schools of the district.

Summer of 2016 was a proud moment for the academicians as the students bagged reputed internships in CIL, MOIL, SCCL, MCL, SECL and many more. Team MM congratulates the department and wishes it good luck for its future endeavors and accomplishments that would bring laurels to NITR.

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