The Trailblazer of All Sciences

The Trailblazer of All Sciences

Anshuman Bebarta | Aug 01, 2016

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MM had a wondrous opportunity to meet up with one of the visionaries of the institute. Hailing from the Department of Mathematics, the contributions made by Prof. Snehasish Chakraverty have seen many unswerving years under his command. During his tenure as the HOD, spanning over three years, the department has seen overhauls and advancements that are hard not to notice.

Earlier there were mostly theory courses, but considering the current scenario all over the world, getting prone to solving real life problems has become inevitable. As a result, many lab courses were added so that the students have first-hand experience in computing methods. He also started three courses in his tenure- soft computing lab, ODE and PD labs, number theory labs. The number of research papers/projects taken up by the students is truly remarkable. Quoting Prof. Chakraverty,

We always compare ourselves with IITs to keep a check on our progress but if you compare our mathematics department with those of IITs, publication-wise and project-wise, we may be at the top. Recently, I was having 2-3 research projects from Bhaba Atomic Research Centre (BARC) -, department of atomic energy and we have installed equipment in the mathematics department that is funded by BARC. The main aim of the project is to predict an earthquake by keeping a check on the radon gas which changes when earthquake triggers somewhere. So that data, when it changes, if we can capture that, we can model and analyze the time series, we may succeed.

The mathematics department will be introducing three more degree programmes - MSc. in Statistics, MSc. in Mathematics and Computing, and PhD in Statistics.

However, the one major problem plaguing the department is the dearth of faculty members, due to which, plans of introducing new open elective courses in the field of applied mathematics have been put on hold for a long time. Also there has been negligence in the maintenance of classrooms and an absence of a proper seminar room that makes it very cumbersome to give and attend seminars. But efforts are being made every day to solve these problems. Nonetheless, the mathematics department in NIT Rourkela creates a compelling portrait of the subject and ensembles a very hardworking team that is constantly soaring higher and farther primarily because of the strength of the department’s unquestionable passion. It certainly gives you the opportunity to explore the beauty of the subject.


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