Tiling the Way Up

Tiling the Way Up

Rohit Biswas | Aug 08, 2016

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National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, not only takes pride in nurturing a course offered in very few premier institutes across the nation, Ceramic Engineering, but also holds its head high, owing to the successful run of this department and accolades it has been winning all over the country. With Prof. Bibhuti Bhushan Nayak at its helm and leading this branch of science as its HOD since July 2015, the department of Ceramic Engineering has grown in leaps and bounds since the previous year.

 The courses in this department have been redesigned to cater to the needs of the students as per the industrial requirements. A course in Industrial Ceramics has been introduced in the curriculum for B.Tech Dual Degree students and M.Tech students. The department is not only collaborating with the nearby ceramic industries to give students a real life experience and hence polish their skills accordingly but also has collaborated with institutions like DISR and OCIL, Rajgangpur to encourage R&D and also boost the research program.

The HOD of the department has bagged two projects, one from CISR and other from DST, Government of India worth INR 16 Lakhs and 51 Lakhs respectively for a tenure of 3 years starting from 2016. The faculty members’ projects imprints have successfully cleared the second level of imprint program initiated by the Government of India to promote application based learning. These projects are based on ‘Refractory Material’ by Prof.Shantanu Kumar Behera, ‘Ceramic Membrane’ by Prof. Suresh Kumar Pratihar, ‘Bio-implants’ by Prof. Debashish Sarkar. Once sanctioned these projects would become a landmark since they are industrial operation oriented projects aiming to find an application in day to day life of different processes. It`s not only the professors but also highly motivated and industrious research students with whose help Prof. Debashish Sarkar and Prof. Ritwick Sarkar have submitted 1 and 2 patents respectively in the previous year. Also the Ph.D. thesis of two of these students have been awarded and encouraged across the nation. The department has published in over 60 reputed international journals like Nature Publishing Group over the previous year which is truly a feather in its cap!

Though the new building of Ceramic department faced a lot of issues like lack of water supply, absence of internet services, lack of sitting arrangement etc., they have been tackled tactfully and the undergoing work is expected to complete soon in period of one or two months. Also a number of new laboratories like refractory lab, cement lab, glass lab etc. have been set up in the new ceramic department dedicated to cater to the needs of undergraduate students exclusively. In the new department building, arrangements have been made so that each of the professors gets a separate cabin unlike the previous building where four of them shared one. Also a number of new laboratories have been set up under the guidance of each of these professors so that new areas of research can be encouraged wholeheartedly. Owing to the statistics of previous few years it`s quite evident that core companies are coming to the campus to recruit these students. Since the department is also collaborating with a number of companies for research and development projects it’s expected that the number of core companies will eventually increase over a period of time and the graduates and undergraduates of this department can join a company to showcase their actual knowledge instead of joining a software company.

Thus, the department of Ceramic Engineering has not only improved in terms of infrastructure but also academics and placements. This department has not only made the institute proud of its achievements but also inspired many other departments to follow its path. Team MM wishes this department good luck on their way up on ladder of success.

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