An Augmenting Arena

An Augmenting Arena

Yasmin Kukul | Aug 08, 2016

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The Department of Life Sciences at NITR is envisioned to be a state-of-the-art department, which emphasizes on the understanding of mechanisms of life processes at molecular and cellular levels in all living systems. A great boost in the number of students taking admission into the Masters' Program this year, has highlighted the growing attractiveness of Life Sciences as a career among students.

Scholars' Point:

Setting high standards for the Research Programme, 11 new scholars with prestigious external fellowships, like the DST INSPIRE as well as the DBT JRF, have joined the department, this current academic year. There is also news about an impressive nationally sponsored student joining Dr. Samir K. Patra's laboratory, as a postgraduate student. Most of the Ph. D students of the previous year were awarded with their degrees, recently and some are in the process of completion of their theses.

Several of the continuing Ph. D scholars have also bagged international fellowships like the Fullbright Fellowship, the Marie Curie Fellowship and the Erasmus Mundus Fellowship for a few months of sponsored research, overseas.

Projects and More:

Many articles pertaining to research, were published in internationally reputed journals like Scientific Reports, Public Library of Science ONE, Molecular Carcinogenesis, BBA (Biochimica et Biophisica Acta), Chemosphere, etc. Being authored by leading faculties these publications have added multiple feathers to the cap of the Department. The department had also received grants from DST FIST and now houses cutting edge biological instruments like the Flow Cytometer and the High Performance Liquid Chromatograph.

The year also saw many sponsored projects being sanctioned to the faculties like,

·        DST Odisha project to Dr. Sujit Kumar Bhutia and Dr. Binod Bihari Sahu

·        MOEF and DBT project to Dr. Surajit Das

·        DST project to Dr. Rohan Dhaman

On top of it all, Dr. Sujit Kumar Bhutia (HOD) was awarded with an International Young Biomedical Fellowship sponsored by ICMR, which called for him to visit the US for a period of 6 months and carry out certain research activities.

Coming Soon:

The upcoming major project includes a new greenhouse facility for Department of Life Sciences on the terrace of the main building, to demonstrate the involvement of non-host resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana (model plant) against diseases like rice blast and sheath blight.

Also, new laboratories are being modelled for the faculties who joined the department recently, to aid in their research activities.

Team MM wishes luck for the Department, to succeed in all their future endeavours and emerge as a promising field in the near future.

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