A Wholesome Welcome

A Wholesome Welcome

Saswat Choudhury | Sep 12, 2016

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Be it the nostalgic seniors or naïve freshmen, everyone looks forward to department fresher’s.  On 30th of August, LA-217 saw a gathering of around 40 anxious laden freshmen to celebrate the Metallurgical and Materials Department fresher’s. The sophomores had started preparations for the same since the previous day, from arranging food packets and sound systems to inviting all the faculty members. On the day of the event, they were busy decorating the room with balloons and stickers.

The event kick started around 7 pm by the vivacious hosts Sarthak Shiva Mishra and Abhisek Patra who called upon Prof Subhas Chandra Mishra, the HOD of the department for a talk. He briefed the students about the campus life and the myriad opportunities students can get to explore themselves. He encouraged the freshmen to always look forward to developing something new. Upon much request, he also sang an Odia song with his mellifluous voice which instantly struck a chord with one and all present. Following that, a few other faculty members like Professor Mithilesh Kumar were called upon the dias to speak a few words.

Girls from the freshmen: Anwesha Panda, Niharika Dalbehera and Rituparna Sahoo danced to peppy numbers which captivated the audience and made them groove in excitement. A very eye-catching play with a powerful message was also performed by around 10 freshmen. Dibya Ranjan Sahoo enthralled the audience through his music.

By this time, the faculties were ready to take leave, but again on insisting, the HOD sung another groovy Odia number to which the entire audience applauded heavily. Food packets were distributed and it was savoured by everyone. After a series of fun-filled activities, Maradana Dinesh and Anwesha Panda were declared Mr. and Ms. Fresher respectively.

Despite its shortcomings like stifling heat and failure of sound system at times, the event turned out to be a success. Team MM congratulates the organizers of the event and wishes the freshmen a great time ahead.


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