Greeting the Freshmen Kinship

Greeting the Freshmen Kinship

Anubhav Singh | Sep 12, 2016

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Apart from the tag of EE, one more thing was common among the UG students of electrical engineering branch on the evening of 8th September 2016- a current of exuberance running through their veins as the entire EE was gripped with the fresher fervour.

The venue, LA-204 dazzled in entrancing decorations with multi-coloured frills and balloons all around. The entrance bore a resplendent spangle relating to Electrical engineering while the board held a creative depiction of Pikachu powering a transformer. Although scheduled at 6:00 PM the event started an hour late owing to a lesser attendance of freshers. A question paper with a coltish questionnaire was distributed among the students to put them at ease.

The immense room crammed soon as students from final and pre-final year poured in. The actual event kick started with the lighting of Holy lamp by Prof. Bidyadhar Subudhi who graced the occasion with his benign presence. Prof. Subudhi welcomed the apprehensive freshers to EE family and asked them to enjoy their NIT-R journey to its full. Bouquet was offered to Prof. Subudhi by Srilekha and Vishishtha of the second year, after which he left shortly owing to other responsibilities.

Group songs by freshers were first in the row, which was presented by a group of four girls. Next came a solo dance performance by a first-year guy. The entire audience broke into a jamboree and filled the room with shouts, cheers and clapping when a duet dance was presented by girls of the first year, who danced on few peppy numbers. A band of freshers performed on some enticing melodies.  Amidst this festive mood, food packets and refreshments were distributed to all. Another group song by the first year girls marked the end of performances.

After the food packets were devoured freshers were asked to introduce themselves formally. It was pleasing to see how they owned the stage overcoming their apprehensions and mingled with their seniors. An informal interaction session followed after this which helped the freshers to know their seniors better. The event ended with the declaration of Mr Fresher and Miss. Fresher of the evening.

In a candid chat with MM, a fresher shared his experience:

I had a very enjoyable experience. It was a captivating event, and I got to know so many seniors”.

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