Quest for Knowledge: Cognizen Orientation

Quest for Knowledge: Cognizen Orientation

Shailee Rath | Sep 12, 2016

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Cognizen, the official politics and economics club of NITR, had their orientation and induction program on the evening of 1st September 2016 in LA-101. The event started at around 6:30 PM and was hosted by Rituparna Mishra. She started by giving a brief introduction about the club and familiarizing freshmen with the club’s motto of, “Aiming to provide political understanding and economic awareness among all.”


Its discussions help to build qualitative and interactive skills,which is a must needed part of one’s career.The open and in-house sessions carried out by club members provide a lot of knowledge on economics and politics so that one stays updated and aware about current global scenarios.


To make the program interactive, a general quiz was conducted by Ashish Kumar Gouda for the freshers, which saw large participation from the freshmen. Then a talk was given by final year student and Cognizen member Kalpo Jyoti Moran who recently bagged a job in Ashok Leyland. The talk apprised all freshers about how the informative club sessions helped him achieve success in the long run.


The attendees were then made aware of the various flagship events that the club had organized in the past like, "The Intelligent Trader" during Innovision’15. It had also created public awareness during Lok Sabha elections of 2014. Another remarkable achievement by Cognizen is organizing a conclave in 2013 which had a panel discussion by the IAS officers on Act 377 of the constitution (the LGBT Act).


Various open house sessions were conducted by the club last year, on subjects like Stock Market Concepts, Base Economics, India-Bangaldesh Relationships, Capitalism and Communism, International Terrorism, etc. Moreover, the proposed sessions for the current semester include, G. S. T. Bill Implications, Brexit and its Effect in India and World Economy, Indian Agriculture in Economy, Indian Foreign Policy, ERP System, Mega Government Schemes, Biggest Indian Scams, International Terrorism 2.0, etc.

The end of the orientation was marked by the induction of interested first-year students. Thus the instructive evening ended with promises of many more informative sessions for the coming year.

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