Benvenuto: Mining Freshers 2016

Benvenuto: Mining Freshers 2016

Gyan Prakash Sahoo | Sep 12, 2016

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With the season of freshers knocking at the gates of NITR, the time has finally arrived to welcome the freshers and christen them as the newbies of their departmental families. On a rainy Saturday evening, the department of Mining Engineering organized the fresher’s fiesta for its new budding freshmen in LA 114. With the motto of “The deeper we go, the hotter we get”, these newbies dressed in white and black formals were welcomed to the new family.

The event started at 6:30pm with anchors Siddhartha Shankar Nayak and Samyak Das describing the importance of Teacher’s Day and how they have planned a unique theme of blending the freshers with Teacher’s Day. Present over the dais were Prof. Manoj Kumar Mishra, HOD, Prof. S Jayanthu, Prof. Shakti Chinnaswami and Prof. Amit Kumar Gorai, Faculty Advisor who were gifted with bouquets and tokens of honor. It was followed by lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the esteemed professors, after which Prof Manoj Kumar Mishra addressed the gathering by describing how the department was started with a meager number of 20 students and how has it flourished ever since and explained the freshers about the dos and don’ts to be followed while their stay in the institute. Further, Prof. Amit Kumar Gorai had a small interaction with the freshers and explained them how they can have a good interaction with their professors and seniors and how they can get successful. Prof. S Jayanthu then shared his vision of how his students should be, how a mining engineer has to undertake like the rainbow encompassing 7 colors and his personal experience in the field of mining engineering. Then, Prof. Chinnaswami welcomed the freshers with a cheerful note and had a small interaction with them.

  From the student’s side Akhilesh Gupta, a third-year student addressed the freshers and welcomed them to their new realm. After this, a cake was cut by the teachers on the eve of Teacher’s Day, which was planned to be celebrated along with the freshers, thus setting this evening in a different and unique way.

After the series of motivational and inspirational talks started the cultural extravaganza, with Siddhartha being joined by another host Soumya Ranjan Mohanty. It initiated with Satya Swarup, a fresher presenting a beautiful song that mesmerized the gathering. Sunil Majhi and D Bhuvan then presented their group and solo dance moves which kept the gathering shouting till the end and dancing to their tunes.  After these two performances by the freshers, Rajeswar Mishra, a third-year student energized the gathering with his songs. Suyash Ratan Pandey, another fresher then shared his experience about how his new life at NITR has been till date. Arjun Kumar then amused the crowd with his witty jokes and poems. After this series of performances from the fresher’s side, Lapan Naik and Kapil Sharma from the sophomore’s side presented songs that energized the gathering. In the end, Soumya Ranjan Mohanty gave a vote of thanks to all the people involved in making the freshers a success.

Thereafter, the freshers were interviewed and judged on several grounds and finally on basis of that Buddiga Bhargava Suresh was declared Mr. Fresher and gifted with goodies. The freshmen were seen enjoying the evening and the sophomores were appreciated for putting up such a successful event. The evening concluded with a group photo session and smiles on everyone’s faces.



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