Canopy of Colors: Akriti Orientation

Canopy of Colors: Akriti Orientation

Anshuman Bebarta | Sep 12, 2016

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“Akriti: An image that outshines every other outline of every creation on this earth.”

NITR aims for the holistic development of an individual. It not only excels in academics but also creates an environment for extra-curricular activities, where any student can thread the needle to their hobbies and interests. It is comforting to chance upon a club like Akriti – the newest planted seed in the orchard of this institution, which came in with promises and relentless hard work from its founders. Akriti, the official art and craft club of NITR conducted its orientation cum inductions on 7th September 2016. Though scheduled at 5:30 PM, the event got delayed by 30 odd minutes. An estimated 40 students including freshmen and sophomores corralled up in LA-117 to try out their brush and brush up their Craftsmanship. The event opened up with a few presentations about crafting, painting, calligraphy, wall painting, sketching, rangoli, poster making, collage and sculpture making, which were audaciously addressed by Smruti Monalisa and Lalita Kumari.

Registered under the Literary and Cultural Society, Team Akriti created an exhilarating experience which, faced certain minor hitches with power failures, but finally managed to tug at all the heartstrings of the attendees, eventually reducing them to a puddle. While the club members presented themselves with a confident voice, delivering a visually crisp palette with their presentation to match the expectations that will be eventually be tagged to them, the club’s biggest strength will unquestionably be the novelty charm brought in by the to-be inductees. So, right after the orientation was done with; they started off the procedure for the inductions. The 40 people who turned up were judged on the basis of 2 rounds. The first being the questionnaire round and the second being the personal interview round which took place the next day. Even so, they let the events unfold at a brisk yet positively relaxed pace, giving their audience enough room to breathe.

Sushant Prajapati, the president of Akriti, said

Our motive is to create an artistic environment around the institute. There are still hundreds of them in our institute who want to express their art to the world but they don’t get a chance to do so. AKRITI will help all of them realize their true potential.

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