Ushering in a New Era

Ushering in a New Era

Anubhav Kar | Sep 12, 2016

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A warm sense of familiarity seemed to envelop LA-214 on a pleasant Thursday evening as the Department of Chemical Engineering conducted its Freshers’ Ceremony on the 1st of September, 2016. Young boys clad in formal attire and girls dressed in traditional Indian wear characterized the freshmen as they sat with anticipation in their eyes of a night which was to officiate their journey in their discipline. The evening began with a brief introduction about the nitty gritty of the branch, a long-standing tradition of freshers the freshers'' ceremony and an extension of the warm welcome to various faculty members present.


The evening was graced by the amiable Prof. Pradip Chowdhury who addressed the freshmen in a speech laced with humor that helped them ease into their surroundings. It was followed by a brief introductory session for the freshmen to acquaint themselves with the seniors. This was followed by beautiful song and dance performances by the freshmen which set the tone for a fun-filled evening.


Meanwhile, a questionnaire was distributed which consisted of a set of innovative and well-crafted questions. Further, snacks in the form of food packets were also provided to the audience as they leaned back enjoying the proceedings.


As the evening drew on, the crowd was treated to an incredible display of cultural fervor with an array of performances by the sophomores. From the mellifluous notes of Coldplay to a heart rendering instrumental on Bollywood songs, the crowd was beguiled in a spell, only to be broken with some desi moves by a band of freshmen boys.


This was followed by a mild interactive session as the freshmen were scrutinized based on their responses to the questionnaire. After an entertaining session and having taken a lot of parameters into account, Arnav and Tulsi were declared as Mister and Miss Freshers, respectively.

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