Rise Of a Neophyte: Team Roadrunner

Rise Of a Neophyte: Team Roadrunner

Gyan Prakash Sahoo | Sep 12, 2016

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Success is a series of small failures.         - Anonymous


It is indeed true that success isn’t achieved in a single day and that it can only be reached via small steps in form of failures. Team Roadrunner is an epitome of this and it has proved that sheer persistence and tenacity are enough to turn tides against any problem. Since their inception in 2009, Team Roadrunner has traversed a long route and recently added a new feather to its cap by securing 8th rank in the Rules Quiz round of Formula Bharat 2017.

Team Roadrunner started its journey in 2009 with 10 members , participated in the event Formula Car Designing Competition and secured 2nd  rank in overall. From then it has transformed into a team of diehard automobile enthusiasts who always etch a mark. Every year new enthusiasts crave for into entering it. Presently the team has 29 members starting from second years to final year dual degree students who unite day and night to introduce new innovation every year.

Continuing with its story, the team fabricated its first car Vajra for Supra SAE India 2011 and participated in its debut tracks event. In 2012, the team was christened as “Roadrunner” by Rashmi Ranjan and in SUPRA SAE 2012 they cleared the endurance test for the first time.

However as no event took place in the year 2013, the team got quite inactive and hence Navin Kumar, then final year dual degree student started the team again and inducted new members into the team and started the work for SUPRA SAE 2014. In that event, it passed the endurance test and bagged 2nd position in Engineering Design. In 2015, the team went for Formula Design Challenge, where judges from foreign nations scrutinized the teams. It bagged 4th position in the cost report, but it failed in the brake test and hence could not participate in the further dynamic events. It was for the first time that the team used PE3 ECU in their vehicle.

SUPRA SAE 2015 proved to be a turning point as the team earned great laurels in it, starting from successful completion of an endurance test and running of the vehicle on the track to bagging 1st prize in Innovation and 5th position in overall. With a heightened spirit, it worked in full swing and participated in Formula Student India 2016 organized in January. The vehicle weighed around 220 kgs, having fallen drastically from 500kgs in 2012. However, during the tilt test the petrol tank got leaked and hence the team could not participate in further dynamic rounds.

Along with this success story, Team Roadrunner also has its own share of problems. In its nascent years, academic pressure and attendance issues caused time crunch among the members and as a result, it faced many problems like manufacturing of vehicle weighing 500 kgs! Also, it faced fund crunch in its initial years, with it being stuck between a year long PO (Purchase Order) and late sanctioning of money from SAC.  However the team thanks, Basir Khan, ex-Vice Captain of TRR whose tireless efforts and dedication brought a handsome sum of INR 2.5 lakhs sponsorship in 2014 SUPRA event and the events that followed.  

Team Roadrunner specializes in making of formula cars, which are fabricated strictly adhering to rulebook provided by the organizing committee. With the upcoming event Formula Bharat 2017 to be held in January 2017, the team has already geared up and not only aims for reduced weight and improved performance of the vehicle but also to introduce some new innovation like pneumatic gear shifting and improved DAQ( Data Acquisition System). Talking to Ankit Pani, Team Captain, he quoted

The team has flourished since its nascent years and we have planned to increase its standard even further. This year we have planned to shift to a single cylinder engine from four cylinder one, in order to reduce the weight further. We thank Prof. Suraj Behera, our faculty advisor for his constant support and guidance to us.  He always teaches us never to work in a hurry.

The team plans to participate in international events like Formula Student Michigan and Formula Student Silverstone in the upcoming years. Team MM congratulates the team for its achievements and wishes it good luck for its future endeavors.

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