Tuning in NIT-R: Drill ‘N’ Bass Orientation

Tuning in NIT-R: Drill ‘N’ Bass Orientation

Pradhyumna Rao | Sep 12, 2016

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Drill N Bass club conducted its orientation on the 9th of September, 2016 at 5:45 pm in LA 101. It was a workshop and a showcase. A decent turnout was observed.

Initially a form was handed out to the students asking them to rate themselves on how much they know about music, the current world music scenario, their favorite musician or DJ and on which of the 4 aspects they would like to work on. The session continued with a brief introduction to the world of EDM and its production.

A basic software of a Digital Audio Workstation, abbreviated as DAW was showcased to the participants and they were made aware about the power of the software and how easy it was to manipulate a vocal using it.  They were elucidated on the present trend of vocal chopping and creating music out of it.

The basic structure of music was explained with a brief introduction to various components of music like Bass, Strength and drumrolls. A complete structure of an EDM song was displayed with the help of a projector. A workshop will be conducted in the future to expound the structure of an EDM song.

A more lively experience was drawn when 5 songs of different genre were mixed live to showcase the basics of song mixing with the help of laptops and a MiDi keyboard.

A video was made introducing EDM to the NITR Junta.


The evening came to an end with tasks being distributed to various teams. The EDM and DJ team were asked to download corresponding software and explore them. Inductions took place for vocalists and rappers. The lagging aspects in their respective sectors were to be worked upon which was their second task.

No particular inductions will take place. Workshops will be conducted and based on their performance they will be a part of the club.

The club will be performing during Innovision 2016 and create their own original song by next semester.

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