A Festal Eventide: Mech Freshers Welcome

A Festal Eventide: Mech Freshers Welcome

Debasis Choudhury | Sep 12, 2016

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On the evening of 8th September, the Department of Mechanical Engineering held it freshers’ welcoming event. The students belonging to the first year of the department had dressed up in formals and looked excited for the event. The event started around 7.15 PM with the hosts Gyan and Aliva giving a formal welcome to all the students of the department. Following it up, the hosts asked Professor S.K. Panda, one of the revered faculty of the department to start the evening with the lamp lighting ceremony and was felicitated with a bouquet. Then the professor went on to address the freshers and the gathering with the famous quote of

There are two types of engineers- one belonging to the mechanical engineering department and there are others.

The focus then shifted to the performances of the freshers. The event started with the group song which was performed by Ipsitha, Sneha, Bijaya, Sanju, Monalisa, Ansumitha and was aptly supported by the art of beat boxing by Kousalya who stole the show. Then there was a change as Debasis took over the hosting reigns alongside the other two. During the performances, a questionnaire was distributed amongst the freshers to know about individuals basing on which they would be scrutinised for Mr. and Ms. Freshers. Then there was the performance of solo dance of Sovit who danced to famous numbers like “Dhating Naach.” The audience seemed to be enthralled with the performance and were enjoying the evening. Next, it was followed by the group dance by the girls, Ipsitha and Sneha who danced to the soulful tune of “O Re Piya”. This was followed up by a power packed performance by the boys dance group which comprised of Venkatesh, Goutam Raj, Uday Bhaskar, Ravidra Kishore, Kashish Veda, Shiva Surya and Akash. The last performance of the evening was given by Sneha who did a solo dance which kept the tempo going. Doing a legitimate scrutiny of all the students who performed and the answering of the questionnaire Sovit and Sneha were adjudged as Mr. and Ms. Freshers.

This was followed by giving a vote of thanks to the professor. The event turned out to be successful as everyone seemed to have a smile on their face. Soham Ghosh in the process of delivering a vote of thanks went on to address the gathering and applauded the efforts put in by the sophomores. The food packets quality was commendable and was extolled by everyone. The freshers had a fun night and were welcomed as the new faces to the evergreen Mechanical Department of NIT Rourkela.

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