Setting Things Right: HMC 2.0

Setting Things Right: HMC 2.0

Yasmin Kukul | Sep 12, 2016

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The second edition of the Hall Management Council was held here on the 9th of September,2016. Chaired by the Chief Warden, Prof. S.K. Patel, it also marked the presence of the Wardens, Assistant Wardens, General Secretaries as well as the other secretaries from the different Halls of Residences, along with the former Chief Warden Prof. R.K. Patel and the Food Officer, Rajesh Behura. Team MM brings to you, a gist of the matters of broad and current interests that were discussed and decided upon during the meeting.

Late Entry and In-Time:

Of late there have been some general confusions regarding the timings after which a late entry is to be recorded. After a long deliberation on the issue, it was collectively decided that all the Halls would follow the practices as per the last recorded minute. According to it, the timing for late entry is 10 pm. The minutes also state that after a stipulated number of four late entries, the student shall be removed from the Hall of Residence. Some authorities were of the opinion that this particular decision would come under the Institute Standing Disciplinary Committee (ISDC), but, it was later cleared that the ISDC is meant only for discipline. If even after warnings and calling up parents, a student continued to come late, then the HMC retained full power to remove the boarder. To this, however, Former Chief Warden Prof. R.K. Patel said,

From my own experience, I can tell that such a situation will never arise, because a child has two fears, one, where we inform their parents and two, that the case will go up to ISDC. Informing the parents is a punishment in itself.

Team Monday Morning stated that since no webmail had been circulated regarding students not being allowed to stay in the campus beyond 10 pm, it was not justified to call up their parents especially of those who stayed back due to club activities. The authorities clarified that the students who need to work for their respective Clubs should be permitted by the Warden for the same. This written permission has to be taken by the Faculty Advisor of the club and not any member. Authorities assured that those who take prior permission, would not be affected by the rules in place. Also, in the case of an emergency, the student can call up the concerned warden and inform him/her about why he/she is going to be late. The previously recorded minutes were circulated and it was decided to abide by the same procedures as used to be followed.

Review of Ganesh Puja Celebrations:

After congratulating the entire HMC for being able to pull off the Ganesh Puja Celebrations smoothly and efficiently, the Chief Warden left the slot open for reviews and queries about the same. A number of issues were raised like the printing of the improper and an insufficient number of invitation cards and also the delay in sending the same to the authorities.

As a reply to this, the students opined that 650 cards had not been sufficient, to which the Council decided to work out the number of cards and increase the number if required. It was also decided that the previous year's card should be kept with the Chief Warden in his office so that the quality is not compromised with. Some students enquired about the Immersion Dinner which used to be held every year after the immersion of the idols. The Chief Warden informed that he did not know about this practice as he was new to the system, and assured the students it would be organized most probably during Vishwakarma Puja, after the immersion on 17th.

Celebration of Three Major Pujas in a Year:

About the budget, the Council conferred that if Puja expenditures exceeded or are less than, the allocated budget, it would be adjusted under the Contingency head. The next Puja to be celebrated is the Vishwakarma Puja and a maximum budget of INR 40,000 was decided upon. To meet the expenses for all the three pujas, a total sum of INR 100 would be collected from the students as a subscription.

General Discussion and Overall Maintenance of Halls:

Representatives put forth that since they haven't received the approved budget, maintenance works have not begun. As a reply to this, the authorities said that they have been waiting for the final number of students and it would be done soon. Also about 30-35 rooms at SD still do not have LAN ports. The CW informed that the Computer Centre had already initiated the work but it is being delayed due to jamming in the pipelines. The incidence of mice in VS and snakes in MV was next deliberated upon. There were complaints about infrastructure problems and cracks and holes on walls where the mice had been seen to be residing. Prof. R.K. Patel suggested pest control and a spray of carbolic acid at least twice a week in order to minimize the problem.

For SD Hall, which previously didn't have any proper garden, the contract for a new gardener was in the pipeline to be finalized within 15-20 days. To complaints about non-functioning of geysers and water coolers, the Chief Warden assured that all the geysers and coolers would be repaired through the CW's fund in a short while.

Selection of Chief Prefects and Prefects:

According to Prof. R.K. Patel,

Last week, a group of students went for apicnic and they used the Institute Bus for it. The Chief Warden had not been informed about the same. It was raining heavily that day. Considering the past few demises that we have had in our institute, we stay worried that something would go wrong. It is not that students will be prevented from going for picnics, but they need to follow a procedure and inform the CW, Warden or Secretaries. That is why we wanted to select Prefects and volunteers to inform about such issues.

Point two is there are many students living in our hostels who are not our boarders.  These things should be informed so that the authorities can take action.We, therefore, think that the presence of a few prefects is very necessary.

Wardens and Secretaries were asked to nominate and submit the list of prefects at the shortest duration.

Night Canteen Timings:

The next agenda was whether the Night canteens should stay open till 12 am or 2 am. According to the former Chief Warden,

This issue has been discussed several times in the previous HMCs. I feel that you have a class at 8 am the next day. Officially you can stay up all night, but ideally, you should sleep by 12 am so that you can wake up by 7 or 7:30 am and attend classes.

As counter views, few wardens said that most students stay up late studying and they feel hungry, the definition of a Night Canteen anyway being that it should be open throughout the night

An intense discussion and beaming smiles ensued as the CW suddenly proposed that the night canteen be open till 6 am. But in the last moment, one of the Wardens objected saying that it was the lookout of just a handful of students and not of 5000 students. It was therefore decided to keep the proposal confined to 2 am. The Council decided to discuss this with the higher authorities and put forth their suggestions regarding this so that it could be implemented with immediate effect.

Other Issues

It was informed that new notice boards would be provided from the Chief Warden's fund and each of the Halls could procure as many notice boards as they wanted. These should be put up so that the posters and flyers are not pasted on walls. The Secretaries were asked to go around and gauge the number of notice boards required. It was decided that whatever notice is required to be put up, should first be submitted to the office of the Warden whereupon he would decide where all to put them by contacting the secretaries.

The Council meeting ended with the proposal of trashcans to be installed at the stretch from the KMS Hall till their gate and an assurance to approve the budget for the same.

N.B. There were some questions raised about Monday Morning during the HMC. Some authorities feel that MM has its own discretion and that, there have been cases where some authorities have been misquoted in their respective interviews. There also were questions regarding the operating region of MM and whether it was justified. We would hereby like to inform everyone that, being the Official Media Body of the institute, we try our level best to bring out the truth of the situations as they are, without any partiality and unhampered by any external influences, so that we could rectify any errors. However, if there ever arise cases, where a certain section has views antagonistic to what is being published, they are free to give their suggestions and we would definitely work upon it. We are an honest organization, we stand by our ethics and we stand by the work we do because we feel that Monday Morning is not for a particular group of people, it is for NIT Rourkela as a whole.

DISCLAIMER: The content, opinions or views expressed on the Monday Morning's website and its social media platforms, including, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, are strictly the property of Monday Morning and represent the extensive research and work of the working team of respective academic year of Monday Morning and not those of the institute. The reports and statements published are consolidated from the collected background research and interviews. The institute's official statements can be found in the press releases published by the institute or via an RTI application.

No article or any statements by Monday Morning is to be reproduced, presented or distributed in part or whole without prior permission of the Executive Body of Monday Morning for any purposes in electronic or print form.


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