Commencing Countdown – Innovision’16:  SAC Technical Society Inductions

Commencing Countdown – Innovision’16: SAC Technical Society Inductions

With another round of inductions into SAC, this time into an individual society, Team MM decided to catch up with the coordinators of the Technical Society to understand the role of these inductees, the process of their selection and the proposed methods to improve the process from the previous years. This year, for the first time, Inductions were held for the posts of Managers, Coordinators, and Volunteers etc. for the Innovision 2016 Team or the Technical Society. After an official mail was sent by the Vice-Presidents of the society, the even saw a healthy turnout of about 190 students. However, the second round of induction was held for those who missed out on the first chance. Thus, in total about 210-220 people filled out the form and were interviewed. The coordinators reasserted the fact that nobody apart from the ones selected by the interview process are entitled to be a part of the team, this year.


The results of the Induction process will be notified to the NITR Junta, soon, via an official webmail. Additionally, it has been ensured that posts are assigned only on the basis of capabilities and not depending on the year a student belongs to. Thus while some second years are managers, some first years have been made coordinators for the upcoming fest, unlike the trend so far. Last year’s induction program failed to bear fruit since many of the teams did not function as they were expected to. A smaller team consisting of a select group of interested students will ensure that only those who have the required skills are a part of them team and thus work efficiently to achieve all targets, on time.


According to one of the Team Members,

Last year we started to work from September while the fest was scheduled for October/ November. So, we had very less time which made us take help from people who were not formally inducted into the SAC Team, but this year we have made sure that we do not repeat this mistake by starting our work early.


Nonetheless, there is a good chance of the current inductees being removed from the team if they do not work and their posts remaining empty, thereafter. Last year the SAC inductions were conducted but the teams were insufficient to cater to the needs of every fest and finally, the organizers had to form separate teams all over again, before every fest. The current year’s jury panel had 4-5members including secretaries, final year students who were an active part of last year’s core team and have experience in various aspects of Fest Management. This year’s target for Innovision is reaching 1500+ student. Content, app, creative and web teams had inductions online and they have already started working.


This year Innovision website editing will not be exclusive to the web team; the secretaries can contribute as well. The App is an aid for the Contingent Leader Program which will simplify the registration procedure and allow mass registration. However, this app is still a work in progress. The main objective is to pre-plan and simplify the work so that better quality events and competitions are held. There are plans to segregate the exhibitions, competitions, workshops etc., accumulate each in the earmarked areas so that the teams can function efficiently and independently to meet their targets.


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