Hola Freshers: Food Process Engineering

Hola Freshers: Food Process Engineering

Nikhil Vobbilisetty | Sep 19, 2016

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Perhaps there is no better way to ease the freshmen’s tension than a celebration of their addition to the family, and Food Process Engineering’s Freshers’ Party for its new students was partying done right. The Department of Food Process Engineering held its welcome party for its freshmen on the 11th of September, 2016 at LA 117.

Scheduled to begin at 6:00 pm, the event finally began at 6:30 pm, with a lot of excitement in the air. The event, hosted by Sakshi saw a turnout of 13 out of the 16 first years of the department. The freshmen and the professors were greeted formally, and then the event began. Every fresher came up on the stage and introduced himself following which Prof. Sabyasachi Mishra, HOD of the department and Prof. P. C. Pradhan addressed the august gathering. Once the tension broke, the freshmen started loosening up. There were dance performances by freshmen Nikhil Gupta and Ayu Naveen Jain, followed by Kabita Lodha’s performance, which got everyone grooving, after which Debashish, a third-year student of Food Process Engineering’s singing skills captivated everyone. The professors present were then asked to cut a cake, as a post Teacher’s day celebration. Everyone present was then presented with refreshments.

Perhaps no freshers’ party is complete without the Mr and Miss Fresher competition. With interesting rounds that consisted fun questionnaires, discussions and dances, Nikhil Gupta and Sweta Das were bestowed the title of Mister and Miss FP. With this, the Freshers’ Party for the Food Process Engineering department was wrapped up. The sophomores of the Food Process Department indeed did a commendable job. With the freshmen being celebrated with such love and delight, the Freshers’ Party was indeed a huge success.

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