Sejal Singh | Sep 19, 2016

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With the commencement of the academic year and hordes of new faces around the campus, September is the month that witnesses freshers’ welcome ceremonies being conducted in various departments, in a bid to acquaint the naïve freshmen to their seniors as well as faculty, and provide them with a chance to interact among themselves. This is that time of the year when sophomores, who were anxious freshmen themselves last year, leave no stone unturned in expressing how eagerly they’ve awaited the arrival of a fresh batch.

The 12th of September witnessed a marvellous gathering of students, ranging from apprehensive freshmen to nostalgic final years gathered in LA-204, as the Department of Industrial Design prepped up to celebrate the arrival of a brand new batch of designers. The decorations for the event had started back in the afternoon around 4:30pm by the sophomores.

Originally scheduled to be held at 6:00 pm, the organisers had to postpone the event to 6:30pm at the last moment due to it clashing with the Student Mentorship Programme orientation. This, however, did not lower the enthusiasm of the sophomore organisers, who did everything in their power to make a success out of the event.

Upon their arrival, the freshmen were handed out a questionnaire which consisted of questions aimed at assessing their talents and interpersonal skills, which they had to answer and submit back to the organisers. At around 7:15, the host of the event, Saswat, took the stage to formally introduce the faculty of the department to the audience. The professors were then presented with bouquets and comfortably seated in the front row.

This was followed by words of encouragement from Prof. B.B.Biswal, who endorsed the efforts put in by the sophomores in decorating the venue and organising the event, to which all the professors along with the audience nodded in agreement. HoD of the department, Prof. Md. Rajik Khan then went on to explain the intricacies of design to the freshmen through his enlightening speech, wherein he informed the freshmen about NIT Rourkela being the only institute in the country which offers a B.Tech degree in Industrial Design, which was received with a round of thunderous applause by the audience.

The focus then shifted to the freshmen as they grooved to popular Bollywood numbers, starting with Aswin, who set the stage on fire with his enthralling hip-hop number. Then came a power packed performance by Sunayana, who captivated the audience with her enchanting semi-classical dance on “Nagade sang dhol” song. Due to certain issues pertaining to the timing of the event, the number of performances had to be cut down to two. The sumptuous food packets lifted the mood instantly and were highly appreciated by all.

Based on scrupulous scrutiny of the questionnaire which was filled up by the freshmen earlier, Sonesh and Sunayana were adjudged Mr. and Ms. Fresher respectively.

Despite the many hurdles that came their way, the organisers garnered appreciation from juniors and seniors alike, and thus the event ended on a positive note. Team MM congratulates every meticulous senior and wishes the juniors a prosperous journey ahead.

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