Bridging Barriers: Prof. Umesh C. Pati

Bridging Barriers: Prof. Umesh C. Pati

Abyakta Patra | Oct 10, 2016

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The ever evolving Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has proved its mettle over the years, by conducting several workshops and seminars. The department boasts of its experienced faculties who not only impart high quality education but also hone their skills by participating in several international conferences regularly. This academic year was no different, when Prof. Umesh C. Pati of the department went abroad to participate in the IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Innovation Business Practice (IEEE Energi Tech, 2016) conducted by the University of Technology, Mauritius from 3rd-6th August, 2016. The conference provided an inter-disciplinary platform, where industry, government and academia met to discuss the recent innovations, trends and concerns in the global market regarding technology.


This international conference focussed on the Impact of Technological Advancement on the Business Scenario of the World and it also included symposia for the recent proceedings in the field. The conference featured inspirational speeches from world renowned speakers who shared the wealth of their knowledge on several topics. It also showcased a rich set of workshops and tutorials which provided the participants a distinct conference experience. The conference explored policy issues, business innovation and research development in the field of:


  •  Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoTs)
  •  Innovative Technologies for Smart Enterprises Growth
  •  Development, Energy Harvesting and Storage
  •  Technology based Educational System
  •  Web Technologies, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics
  •  Information Security and Cyber Forensics
  • Next Generation of Networking Technologies
  • Robotics and Cognitive Technologies
  • Bio-Intelligence and Health Technologies


Prof. Umesh C. Pati also presented a presentation on the topic “Design of Photovoltaic MPPT based charger for Lead acid batteries.” This is basically an energy storage system which plays an important role in the operation of micro-grid and electric vehicle. He also provided the design and implementation details of Photovoltaic based charger for lead-acid batteries. The algorithm to obtain Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) was also explained with its simulation technique.


The conference gave him a unique opportunity to interact with prominent scientists and to witness the initiatives in the field of Robotics, Cloud Computing, etc. Team MM congratulates him for attending a workshop of international repute and wishes to see him touching greater heights in his future.

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