Interhall Competition: Battle Among The Houses!

Interhall Competition: Battle Among The Houses!

The inter-hall championship kick started with inter-hall competitions in rangoli making, essay writing, painting, quiz, face painting, debate, mono acting, crafting, poetry writing etc, which were held from 2nd to 5th October 2016. The respective winners were awarded during the prize distribution ceremony held in BBA on the 6th of October 2016. 

Day One:

Perhaps there could be no better start to the inter-hall events than a pure display of artistic talent, which the participants put up in the Rangoli competition, held at BBA Lawns. The event, conducted by Chitraang and judged by Prof. Sasmita Mishra, required its participants to make a rangoli with the theme ‘Goddesses’. With four teams from CVR, KMS, SD and DBA, the first place was bagged by Shilpa Sethi, Ankita Behera, Monalisa Mallik and Surabhi Seth from KMS Hall. Their rangoli was a colorful depiction of Goddess Durga, believed to symbolize the divine forces.

The Essay Competition (English and Hindi) which was organized by Clarion was held in LA 117 put the participants’ literary skills to a test. The participants had to write on ‘A Modern Feminist’ and were judged by Prof. Apparao Thamminaina from the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.  With a participation of 18 members, the first prize and the second in the English category were both bagged by Amrutha Varshini and Srija Mukhopadhyay of CVR Hall. The first and second place in the Hindi Category were bagged by Abhipshit Kumar of HB Hall and Ashish Jha of SD Hall respectively.

The Painting competition held at SAC in the evening saw some of NITR’s most creative minds compete for the winning spot. The event was held by Chitraang, and the theme for the event was ‘Illusion’ or ‘Underwater World’. In the war of paints and brushes judged by Prof. P. Balasubramanian,Nischit Mishra from SD Hall stood first, followed by Trisha Kundu from KMS Hall.

Adding more points to SD Hall’s tally, the Face Painting competition, which was won by Nischit Mishra let the participants’ imagination go wild with no restrictions on any theme. The very diverse types of face paintings, ranging from Lord Krishna and the Universe to Zombies and Superheroes made it hard for the judge, Prof. Sasmita Mishra to choose.

Day Two:

On the first Monday after mid-semesters, two inter-hall events, English and Hindi Debate Competition and Mono Act competition were held. The former, conducted by Clarion and judged by Prof. Simanchal Panigrahisaw 15 participants, and was won by Anubhav Kar from HB Hall and Arvind Shroff from MSS Hall stood second in the English category. In the Hindi category, Arun Mishra from MSS Hall stood first and Devanshu Rajput stood second. The gathering debated on ‘Covering of women's body parts is not a feminist issue’.

The Mono Act competition which was held at BBA by RITVIC Club and judged by Mr. Nalini Nihar Nayak let its participants decide on a topic for their act. The winner Biswaranjan Nayak, a resident of VS Hall’s performance showed a student possessed by the ghost of a Dual Degree student, who murdered his roommate, a B.Tech student due to envy. The second place was secured by Lapan Nayak from SD Hall.

The Poetry Writing competition was conducted at LA 117 and required the participants to pen their thoughts on Feminism. The first place was secured by Ansh Abhay Balde from DBA Hall and second place by Sriya Srinath from KMS Hall. The winners were decided by Prof. Apparao Thamminaina.  

The crafting competition held by Akriti was conducted in SAC. It was a team event with a maximum of 4 people in one team. 3 teams participated representing 3 halls of residence – DBA, SD, and CVR. Themes were allotted by a lottery system and crafting materials like glue, tape, cardboard, chart papers etc were provided by the organizers. Prof. Prasant Kumar Bhuyan, from the department of Civil Engineering, judged and marked the crafts on the parameters of neatness, utilization of materials, creativity, concept etc. The team representing DBA Hall of Residence comprising of Sudipto Kumar Panda, Debabrata Mahapatra, and Partha Pritish Dhal were the winners.

Day Three:

On the final day of the competitions, Hourglass conducted two competitions in LA 117, Spell Bound and Incognito 5. In the former, the 10 participants were asked to write down 20 words that were being called out, this comprised of round 1. For round 2, three people – Abhipsa Panigrahi, Abhishek Bhattacharjee, Saswat Choudhury - were selected on basis of round 1 and were asked to spell out 10 words. There was a tie and by spelling out the tie breaker correctly, Saswat Choudhury was declared the winner. In Incognito 5, the participants were given topics related to their life at NITR, such as Night-outs, Mid semesters etc. and were asked to speak on them for a minute without the usage of five words relevant to the topic. The winner Rohit Biswas from SD Hall of Residence was asked to speak on Nescafe without using the words Aunty, Banyan Tree, LA, Maggi, and coffee. What seemed far-fetched was done by Rohit that it was clear as to who were to win the event. Due to low participation, no runner-up was declared.

Closing Ceremony:

The closing ceremony-cum-prize distribution witnessed a few hiccups when the runner’s up of team based events like quiz, face painting, crafting etc did not receive any award. The mail sent out prior to the distribution ceremony by the Secretary of Literary and Cultural Society stated the following “All the participants are requested to be present to receive their prizes and certificates.” And to ensure that all winner’s got prizes, only the winning team members were awarded prizes, the runner's up teams weren’t acknowledged. Barring such minor misinterpretation and miscommunication, the prize distribution ceremony went smoothly with SD Hall of Residence was declared as the overall champions for the year 2016-2017.

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