The Jedi Order: Ten Galactic Years

The Jedi Order: Ten Galactic Years

Samik Ghosal | Oct 31, 2016

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A long time ago, in an Institute far, far away, amidst all the turmoil and chaos in the Galactic Empire, the ‘Force’ felt the need for a new Jedi Order, a mystical knightly order, trained to uphold peace and justice in the NITR Universe. And thus was born, with Master Yoda’s blessings, a group of lightsaber-pen wielding peacekeepers and guardians of the NITR populace, going by the name, Monday Morning!

The initial few days were tough for the Jedi. Their only weapon was a one-page HTML template, which over the years, would evolve into an advanced battleship, brimming with a diverse arsenal. However, the question remained ‘Does the Jedi order have more members than followers?’ With stormtroopers having occupied every corner of the Institute, the Jedi sought to quell any rumors, with a refreshing resurrection of Monday Morning. With a Beta page in 2010, which only got better with the advent of Joomla, Team MM brought in new changes, raised critical issues, fought for justice and order, changed the course of things and produced impactful content. Every employment opportunity grabbed by the commoners was broadcast LIVE making it the newest sensation in their content arsenal. This new order consisted of a bunch of dedicated, trained warriors, who went to great lengths to become the Voice of the common man. Never would ever come a day, when someone would question, if a Jedi warrior was indeed required. They had truly scripted the Return of the Jedi.

Somewhere during this time, the Empire Struck Back. After Master Yoda had left us all, the new regime, under Dean Palpatine and President Vader claimed that the Jedi sought to overthrow the Galactic Senate and declared that they had committed treason. Monday Morning was closed down for one fateful Monday, during which the Jedi Masters rose in silent rebellion. The Empire was on the verge of a fully totalitarian regime, opposed by the Rebel Alliance.

However, sanity prevailed, as Master Yoda returned and order was restored. The Jedi warriors sought to work for the Institute, in close coordination with the New Republic. Their good work in restoring peace and order and bringing meaningful change reached its zenith with the Jedi successfully managing to make the graduating masses don the Black Coat, Cape, and Gown, the true symbol of the Commencement Ceremony. The good work continued, with many issues being highlighted, fought for and followed up, even as Monday Morning evolved in newer, better avatars, the Jedi logo changing during every key event/celebration. They sought to act as the bridge between the New Republic and the masses, organizing the first ever Open House Discussion. They reached every room in Planet Halls of Residence, with their well-researched, impactful print editions, another weapon, added to the armory. They were covered and published by The Galactic Hindu, Outlook Skywalker, and Tatooine Express.

There have been tough times no doubt. There have been times when the masses have questioned the quality and quantity of work being done by the so-called peacekeepers. The Jedi-Masters have been critical of Monday Morning during such times and have only sought to grow better and better. The Sith has sought revenge from time to time, and the gruesome duels have been challenging for Team MM. As with any order, MM has never been perfect and will never be. MM exists for the masses, and it truly strives to be by the masses, of the masses. As the New Republic and the masses swim around troubled times, there is A New Hope. The Jedi will forever be there to safeguard the NITR Galactic Universe’s seeking to work around administrative problems while lending a patient ear to the masses. As Monday Morning celebrates the realization of ten years, the Force has been its ally. The Force is what binds the NITR galaxy together; May the Force be with Monday Morning. May the Force be with You.


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