New Opportunities : Chemistry Workshop

New Opportunities : Chemistry Workshop

Sankeerthi Sanaboyina | Nov 02, 2016

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A new era of chemistry with modern technologies and wide research opportunities has begun that carries with itself immense potential. Our institute, in order  to instigate and inspire the immense importance and strength of chemistry and the emerging areas to young minds, started an initiative of organizing a workshop on " Challenges in synthetic chemistry and its industrial applications" from the  17th to the 18th of September 2016.

The workshop was put forth by the chemistry department of NIT Rourkela and funded by RSP, which showcased the different techniques and skills in the areas of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. The workshop was inaugurated by Chief Guest , Mr. S. Das, Executive director (Projects), RSP, SAIL and our then Director, Prof. R.K. Sahoo, NIT Rourkela. It not only provided them with theoretical knowledge but also focussed on the practical applications of different kinds of machines, instruments that are required by the engineers or researchers for synthesis, extraction or differentiation of materials. This two-day workshop provided a forum for the researchers, teachers, and the students to encounter the modern day technologies and their application in various fields, discuss and find solutions for the current challenges being faced and support new methodologies that have emerged. It also provided aspiring scientists and the existing amateurs to get exposed to the vast area of chemical research and applications in various fields.

The major topics of discussion were BET Surface area analyzer for solid state application, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Circular Dichromism Spectroscopy, Significance of Computational calculation in synthetic chemistry, Basic concept in electrochemical techniques, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC): A powerful analytical tool for purification and lastly, the use of photochemical reactor in industrial application. These lectures were delivered by our chemistry department professors. Which included Prof. R. Dinda, Prof. D. Sarkar, Prof. S. Giri, Prof. H. Sahu, Prof. A. Thakur and Prof. P. Dash. A special lecture was delivered by Prof Prof. Ramananda Maity, Calcutta University.

The researchers and professors from other universities were provided proper accommodation and their stay was taken care of by the institute. Nearly 30 people came to attend the workshop from different places.

 Delegates from different academic institutions and industry participated and attended the technical program and discussed some future research areas too.  Technical programs for the workshop have been delivered by faculties from outside the institute as well as from our institute.  Efforts have been given to use the high-end analytical techniques for interdisciplinary and industrial collaborative research. This helped in improving and providing support to other aspiring researchers and scientists who do not have access to such instruments.

This workshop benefited many and has helped promote collaborations between institutes. It ended with a vote of thanks to all who have made this happen and all those who have attended. 


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