STCARM- An Aspirants’ Adobe

STCARM- An Aspirants’ Adobe

Debasis Choudhury | Nov 14, 2016

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Following up to the successful seminar conducted on “EXPERIMENTAL APPROACHES FOR ANALYSIS AND CONDITION MONITORING OF MACHINERY", the department of Mechanical Engineering is going to organize a short term course on “Application of Robotics and Mechatronics” from the 18th of November to 20th of November. The reason for the same being the evolution of mechatronics and robotics system which perform superior functions with advanced control. With artificial intelligence reaching new heights every day, it’s a small initiative from the authorities’ side to give the students the necessary information and action about the same. The basic building blocks which make up the complex mechanical system are getting miniaturized, one needs to stay up to date with the latest technology. Scientists are trying to narrow down to the smallest size possible to explore the vast possibilities which lie hidden in the cocoon of surrealistic theories. Micro and Nano robotics have become an important field of research and are applicable in a wide variety of fields ranging from bio-medical, bio-engineering and medical fields. The short term course would be focussing on the basic technologies and key issues in the arena of robotics and mechatronics.


Along with the topic of “Robotics and Mechatronics with innovations in design and its application in institutes and manufacturing industries including themes like Robotics, Mobile Robotics, Humanoid Robotics, Micro Robotics, Image Processing, PC 104 Industrial Board and Sensors to name a few. Topics like Soft Computing, Pneumatics and Electro Pneumatics Systems and Mechatronics which people are still researching about will be discussed in the short term course.  Also, Expert Systems and Electro Hydraulic systems are going to be a part of the informative lectures which are going to be held over 30 hours of lectures and class assignments.

All the dignitaries will be accommodated in the guest house and the seminars are going to take place in the department of Mechanical Engineering. A registration fee structure has been designed for delegates from industries, Research and Development, Academic Institutions and also from outside India.

Speaking to Mr. Dayal R. Parhi, Course Co-coordinator about the conduction of the event, he was quoted as saying,

“We are expecting around 60 members to be present for the short term course. Dignitaries have been invited to attend the short term course and we are expecting a large participation from the students’ side.”

Team MM urges the aspirants to attend this course with enthusiasm and motivate the speakers which in turn would benefit the students getting exposure and a good amount of knowledge about the subject. 

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